Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What shall I do now?!!!

This girl, who's kept me highly entertained this summer is leaving me to go back to school! Sad face!!!
We've gone swimming like every freakin' week since I've quit my job to stay home with my girls. It's been great let me tell you. We would play and worn the girls out by playing with them for about an hour-then put them down for naps so her and I could have some 'girl talk'.  Grownup talks are highly needed when you are home all day with little rugrats who want your full attention and can't stay still for longer than 5 minutes. So going swimming and talking is a fun way for both the girls and me to be entertained. Oh and of course I've developed a nice tan out of it. :)
So now that she's started school (teaching), I'll be going ALL ALONE. :( *womp womp*): I know we'll still have our talks, but not in this relaxing, laying out kind of way. So whatever! Go back to school with your bff Mary. But just know, you won't have nearly as much fun though. haha.

I know regardless of our fun relaxing days in the pool, we'll still remain old friends for life. We'll still have our fun times and talks on a weekly basis.
And last but not least, this picture below will only make our swimming days that much more special and memorable!!!! Bwahahaha! 
She made me take this picture!
I'm gonna miss our swimming days PW. Until next year!

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