Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Weekend Adventures!

This weekend was one heck of a fun and adventurous weekend for me. I tried two new things for the first time ever. For the first time in my 29 years (almost 30-eeek!), I went Horse Back Riding and White Water Rafting. Two very scary things-or so I thought. I guess it still could be somewhat scary.

We left our girlies with my momma and left Friday night to Chattanooga to stay at a friends farm. We took my sister and her husband with us. Let me just say, the place my friends family lives is called Signal Mountain-outside Chattanooga. Uhmm, just to get to her farm you have to drive up this very curvy scary road. I thought our breaks were going to give out on us (I was the one driving) because it was straight up a mountain. I later asked her if people even leave the mountain during winter and she pretty much said 'nope!' I wish I had pictures to show ya'll.

Anyways, the next morning we woke up to a big nice breakfast and to ride some horses. Here are some pictures....
Here's Mr. Roberto playing around with a lizard. Too cute. 
 Getting the horse ready for us first timers-Robert was the only one who'd ever been on a horse before!
 I was a bit nervous, but here I am trying my best to get on that horse. It was actually a struggle for me as I'd never gotten on a horse before. I actually kind of hurt my hip when I tried swiming my leg over and climbing this thing. How old am I? But guys it was hard for me to straddle this horse called 'Red'.
 And finally I'm on!!!
 You know I had to get a picture. :) First time ever!
 And finally, getting somewhat used to it. I enjoyed the ride.
 All by myself. This was seriously a big deal for me.
 And my good lookin' cowboy. ha! Knowing what to do.
Later that afternoon, we headed to the Ocoee River where my real adventure would start. White water rafting. I was quite the nervous one thinking I would be the one to die or get injured that day. Already several friends had told me that this year alone 4 people had died rafting. Others told me that if I fell out to make sure I keep my head out of the water and my feet up. So imagine the thoughts going through my head. I was nervous. I even talked my family members letting them know that if anything were to happen to us so and so would keep our girls and finances would be handled by so and so.

So here we are right before.  
 My sister and hubby who came along for some fun-who by the way just had a baby 8 weeks ago. Sickening huh?! You can't even tell!
 Here she is reading the warnings of what might happen to us in the water. Scary things as we signed away our lives!
 And here is our group of church friends we went with right before going into the river.
And now I'll let the pictures below tell about our rafting experience that was so much fun! The pictures below are pictures taken by a person who works there. Basically if you don't have a water proof camera there's no way to get pictures. And even if you do, I don't see how you'd have time to snap pics when you're rowing through rapids. By the way, we went on a 5 mile rafting journey down the Ocoee. This 5 mile journey has seven number 4 rapids. The higher rapid is a number 5. We went through no number 5's.
Here's Robert at the front about to ride what is called the bull.
Of course he volunteered. I'm sitting at the front to his left. Do you see me?
About to face the worse of it with Robert sitting at the front still.
haha, just looking at this makes me laugh. The water hit him so hard that he fell back-basically into me!
And we and Robert's white legs got through it! yay!
I'm so glad I did this. I didn't get hurt and never went over. Only my man fell over once but he was okay. I don't have pictures, but at the very last rapid I volunteered to do what is called the 'superman' at the front nose of the boat. basically lay down flat and hold on tight to the ropes. It was so fun and adventurous. This trip in itself from driving up the scary mountain, to riding horses and then rafting was so much fun and an amazing experience. We're actually tthinking and talking about doing the 10 mile rafting trip next year which would involve number 5 rapids. I can now finally scratch this off my bucket list. :)

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