Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-7 wants

Seven Wants, I want a lot! Some of these aren't realistic at the moment, but maybe one day. :)

1. Patio cushions that don't empty out our bank account. I want cute and colorful patio cushions. Any  cushions that I've just fallen in love with costs like over $50-60. I know to many that may not be expensive, but I'm cheap and I like to find good deals.
2. I want my child to be potty trained so we don't have to worry about buying diapers anymore. We're working on it.

3. I'd love love love a Buick Enclave or a Chevy Traverse. They're both the same thing basically, but aren't they just beautiful?! The perfect family vehicle without it being a van. Yikes! The thought of having a van freaks me out! Oh, wait...I should have put that down as one of my fears! By the way, if you have a van, I'm so sorry. I just really don't care for them. But kuddos to you for having one.

4. A Dining Room table and buffet table. Awwwhhh! One day! I can only dream at the moment.
Hayden Buffet
5. Beautiful Landscape!!!!! Our yard sucks and it's embarrassing. The end!
I want something this simple. RIIGHHHTTT!
 6. A Cricut-I know I'm a procrastinator and take forever to do stuff, but I feel like this machine would motivate me and bring out my hidden talents. The things you can do with this thing!!!!
7. Last but not least, when Arianna starts school next week, I want her to be the best child ever and just facinate her teachers. I want her to breakout of her shyness and be as outgoing as her momma. haha. :)

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  1. Uh, if she were like you, she'd get a note sent home every day for too much talking. :)