Thursday, August 18, 2011

An organized house please!

H.E.L.P! Now that I'm a 'stay at home mom', I'm having difficulty even starting to organize. Why you may ask? Because, I feel as though all I do is clean clean and clean some more. The kitchen for example gets messy every day. I'm doing laundry on a weekly basis. Dang, just folding clothes and putting it away is a hasel. I clean the kitchen everyday for example and it takes me at least an hour because of my little 2 year old who will not stop getting into stuff, leaving me with no time to actually sit down and organize.
Honestly, the organizing probably hasn't started because I don't know how to even start! I look at my bonus room aka toy room daily and just SCREAM. I want someone to help me get started. ughh! Another thing that I struggle with is my procrastination and ummm, hate it to say this, but I get so easily distracted and can't focus on one room alone. I go from one room to another picking up stuff, rather than stay in one room and just finish it. It's too hard for me to stay focused. I wish I were like some of my friends whose homes are so organized and look so good. I get so jealous because they don't struggle like I do. I feel as though I'm a bad mommy because my girls obviously look up to me and they're going to end up like me. This stresses me out.
So to make me feel a little bit better, I'm going to stick to this quote that makes me feel a bit better about my lack of organization and cleanliness. If you have any good advice on what might help, please please please let me know.

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