Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-5 Foods

This is definitely not a hard one, because my biggest weekness is food. I can eat the crap out of food! I try everything! Unless it's brain or some kind of weird animal body part or whatever. Maybe it's because my chef of a momma made me try and eat everything in front of my face.

1. Puerto Rican Food-I grew up on this. I can never get tired of my mommas cooking. She's good! I'm not even sure if there are any Puerto Rican restuarants in the middle TN area, so my mom's will always be considered the best. 
Arroz con gandules y pasteles-yellow rice with pigeon peas and wrapped green banana stuffed meat pastries

2. Mexican Food-Even though my mom is Puerto Rican, my dad is Mexican so my mom did Mexican food as well. So with that said, I grew up on this food as well. I had a good variety of food at my fingertips. 
Tacos al Pastor-Marinated pork tacos
3. Italian Food-Gosh I lurve me some pasta!!! I could eat pasta just about everyday. Anything with creamy garlic sauces...yummmm!!! 
Creamy garlic pasta
4. Chinese Food-Oh my gosh, the perfect chinese dish for me = Chicken Lo Mein with fried rice and a side of Wonton soup!!! 
Chicken Lo Mein Recipes
Chicken Lo Mein
5. American Food-Give me a cheeseburger any day of the week. Horrible yes, but who cares! I wouldn't mind dying with a cheeseburger in my mouth. Definitely a comfort food.

If you haven't tried Five Guys, they have some awesome
handmade burgers.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-6 places

6 places I'd like to make a point to go during my lifetime....Keepin' it simple today by staying in the US
1. Biltmore-Ashville, NC. I have been wanting to go here forever. I'm still waiting for that special someone in my life to take me there one weekend. :) I, however, would like a special private tour so I can see every crook and crany in this house.
2. New York City-the thought of walking in time square, visiting lady liberty, shopping, seeing grand central station, visiting ellis island, going to several broadway shows, etc... excites me. I'd probably need 2 weeks in NYC to do everything I want to do.

3. Las Vegas/The Grand Canyon-all in close proximity. I wouldn't even care to gamble...just go to the magic shows, other shows, and to shop. Then we'd take time to visit the grand canyon, meet the indians that still live there, hike, and perhaps white water rafting (did ya'll know there's a 4 year waiting list to do this?!) 
Las Vegas Strip
4. Miami-I've been, but I was like 10 years old. Just seems like a fun place to visit.
5. Nappa Valley, San Francisco, California. While there, we'd also hit up San Francisco and visit the famous San Francisco bridge, Alcatraz and the crazy streets that I could never imagine driving on or for that matter parking. I'd be afraid of my car breaks going out!
6. Pennsylvania-It's historic and I like the idea of visiting where some of our history happened.

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-7 wants

Seven Wants, I want a lot! Some of these aren't realistic at the moment, but maybe one day. :)

1. Patio cushions that don't empty out our bank account. I want cute and colorful patio cushions. Any  cushions that I've just fallen in love with costs like over $50-60. I know to many that may not be expensive, but I'm cheap and I like to find good deals.
2. I want my child to be potty trained so we don't have to worry about buying diapers anymore. We're working on it.

3. I'd love love love a Buick Enclave or a Chevy Traverse. They're both the same thing basically, but aren't they just beautiful?! The perfect family vehicle without it being a van. Yikes! The thought of having a van freaks me out! Oh, wait...I should have put that down as one of my fears! By the way, if you have a van, I'm so sorry. I just really don't care for them. But kuddos to you for having one.

4. A Dining Room table and buffet table. Awwwhhh! One day! I can only dream at the moment.
Hayden Buffet
5. Beautiful Landscape!!!!! Our yard sucks and it's embarrassing. The end!
I want something this simple. RIIGHHHTTT!
 6. A Cricut-I know I'm a procrastinator and take forever to do stuff, but I feel like this machine would motivate me and bring out my hidden talents. The things you can do with this thing!!!!
7. Last but not least, when Arianna starts school next week, I want her to be the best child ever and just facinate her teachers. I want her to breakout of her shyness and be as outgoing as her momma. haha. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-8 fears

Eight Fears! Hmmm...this could be a toughy

1. My biggest fear has always been losing someone so close to me, like my husband, my two daughters, or like my mom, dad or sisters. I can't even imagine!
2. Being alone.
3. I'm not afraid to die however, I'm afraid and fear how I may die. If I'm going to die, I want to not feel it and die peacefully with family surrounding me or whatever. I fear dying in like some tragic accident or burning alive, drowning, being tortured, etc...
4. Snakes and spiders, ewww!
5. Demonic forces-I believe in all this stuff-It happens
6. Someone breaking into our house while Robert is out of town or gosh even while he's here
7. Rejection. I feel like everyone I meet is a friend. I hate the thought of having enemies.
8. Public speaking. I'm not a good speaker so do not put me in front of a crowd, unless I'm singing. That's a different story.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-9 loves

Nine Loves, not a bit hard!

1. God. He's always there no matter what.
2. My family-ALL OF THEM along with my friends
3. Fall-the thought of fall excites me.
4. Coffee-can't live without it.
5. Traveling/Getting away-anywhere, even if it's 3 hours away
6. Singing
7. Finding great deals through flea markets, garage sales, craigslist, etc...
8. History-Slavery, the Great Depression, The Holocaust, etc...
9. Entertaining-Don't do it often, but when I do, I love it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Our fun free trip that I won to Minneapolis, MN. We got to visit the Mall of America and did some other fun things while there. I was 7 months pregnant with Avonlea. Awwwh! Geesh, I was a whale!

Arianna's first plane ride. Isn't she just so cute?!

My sister got to come! We had lots of fun shoppin'.

And I saw Sarah! Crazy huh?! :)

10 Day you Challenge

I'm jumping on the bandwagaon. Several of my friends are doing this as well, so I'm joining in on the fun. Thanks to Sarah and Renee who gave me the idea. :)
My secrets aren't really secrets so I may bore you. I don't have anything outrageous or juicy. Sorry peeps. So here it goes....

1. I still to this day keep a journal. I like to look back and say, "oh yeah!" or to even write my daily struggles and prayers and see how I've grown.

2. I admit I struggle with low self-esteem. I've probably been like this since middle school. My ugly years with braces, glasses, pimples, etc... It's hard for me and I pray that God will allow me to be confident in myself because it's one thing I'm not.

3. I'm a jealous wife probably because of point 2. I admit and hate myself for this, but when I notice a pretty girl flirting with my man, I get jealous.

4. I think it's selfish when people don't share good deals that come out. Example this: 2011 Predators Pre-Season Offer- enjoy!

5. It makes me sad when parents have favorites and prefer to make one happier than the other or forget they have other children. I honestly wish I could speak up when I see this happen contantly, but I keep it to myself.

6. I know I shouldn't care about what people think, but I do at times. And I'm not talking about my looks or anything here. I'm talking about me looking like the bad person for certain family events/holidays/vacations that can't be attended, if I don't do a certain something for my children and everyone else is doing it, what my house looks like if people come over and it's a hot mess, etc... I honestly hate to disappoint people.

7. If Robert and I could afford and have a weekend babysitter- we would have weekly weekend dates.

8. I get excited for little things like special love notes, Avonlea peeing on the toilet for the 6th time this week and her just turning 2, Arianna knowing how to pronounce her letters, friends who love and want to spend time with me, nice weather, etc...

9. I wish at times money was not an issue so I could just buy clothing, eat out, travel, whenever I wanted and not worry.

10. It frustrates me when people call themselves Christians but don't even try (key word-try) to live the life of a Christian. And no, I'm not saying be perfect, because I'm not perfect and none of us are perfect. If you claim Christianity, try to live the life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ta dah, it's my 100th post!

Happy Anniversary to me because I'm the one who has actually written them all....oh shoot, wait! Except for this one...WHATEV! You get the picture. Really! What can I say....Oh my goodness! I don't have words! First off, I want to thank my God up in heaven for giving me this opportunity, to all my 12 followers/fans who have stuck this out with me and who have made this possible, to everyone who has taken the time to read this, and to all who have actually read my posts-not scroll through it for pictures only (yes I admit I'm one of those), but you my friends, those who follow me, have kept me going. Without you, I'd be nothing-a non-blogging writing fool!
Okay-sorry for the sarcasm, but blogging has been a great thing for me. Its not only been challenging, hard, and extremely frustrating that I just want to throw and break my computer but in all seriousness fun. I'm still not quite good at it, but I'm learning as I write. I have truly enjoyed sharing my life with you guys. It's such a great way to stay in tune with others as well. I lurve me some good worthy reading blogs. 
I started this thing, or let me say, Kristy told me 100 posts ago that I needed and had to start a blog because 'everyone was doing it'. :) So let's just say I gave this a shot. And you guys, I'm so proud of my 12 followers. lol..thank you for reading about my not so exciting life. It means a lot and you know who you are. I love ya!
And just for the fun of it, here's a glorious picture of me because I'm just that beautiful. I dedicate this to all my followers, more so to Misty. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Weekend Adventures!

This weekend was one heck of a fun and adventurous weekend for me. I tried two new things for the first time ever. For the first time in my 29 years (almost 30-eeek!), I went Horse Back Riding and White Water Rafting. Two very scary things-or so I thought. I guess it still could be somewhat scary.

We left our girlies with my momma and left Friday night to Chattanooga to stay at a friends farm. We took my sister and her husband with us. Let me just say, the place my friends family lives is called Signal Mountain-outside Chattanooga. Uhmm, just to get to her farm you have to drive up this very curvy scary road. I thought our breaks were going to give out on us (I was the one driving) because it was straight up a mountain. I later asked her if people even leave the mountain during winter and she pretty much said 'nope!' I wish I had pictures to show ya'll.

Anyways, the next morning we woke up to a big nice breakfast and to ride some horses. Here are some pictures....
Here's Mr. Roberto playing around with a lizard. Too cute. 
 Getting the horse ready for us first timers-Robert was the only one who'd ever been on a horse before!
 I was a bit nervous, but here I am trying my best to get on that horse. It was actually a struggle for me as I'd never gotten on a horse before. I actually kind of hurt my hip when I tried swiming my leg over and climbing this thing. How old am I? But guys it was hard for me to straddle this horse called 'Red'.
 And finally I'm on!!!
 You know I had to get a picture. :) First time ever!
 And finally, getting somewhat used to it. I enjoyed the ride.
 All by myself. This was seriously a big deal for me.
 And my good lookin' cowboy. ha! Knowing what to do.
Later that afternoon, we headed to the Ocoee River where my real adventure would start. White water rafting. I was quite the nervous one thinking I would be the one to die or get injured that day. Already several friends had told me that this year alone 4 people had died rafting. Others told me that if I fell out to make sure I keep my head out of the water and my feet up. So imagine the thoughts going through my head. I was nervous. I even talked my family members letting them know that if anything were to happen to us so and so would keep our girls and finances would be handled by so and so.

So here we are right before.  
 My sister and hubby who came along for some fun-who by the way just had a baby 8 weeks ago. Sickening huh?! You can't even tell!
 Here she is reading the warnings of what might happen to us in the water. Scary things as we signed away our lives!
 And here is our group of church friends we went with right before going into the river.
And now I'll let the pictures below tell about our rafting experience that was so much fun! The pictures below are pictures taken by a person who works there. Basically if you don't have a water proof camera there's no way to get pictures. And even if you do, I don't see how you'd have time to snap pics when you're rowing through rapids. By the way, we went on a 5 mile rafting journey down the Ocoee. This 5 mile journey has seven number 4 rapids. The higher rapid is a number 5. We went through no number 5's.
Here's Robert at the front about to ride what is called the bull.
Of course he volunteered. I'm sitting at the front to his left. Do you see me?
About to face the worse of it with Robert sitting at the front still.
haha, just looking at this makes me laugh. The water hit him so hard that he fell back-basically into me!
And we and Robert's white legs got through it! yay!
I'm so glad I did this. I didn't get hurt and never went over. Only my man fell over once but he was okay. I don't have pictures, but at the very last rapid I volunteered to do what is called the 'superman' at the front nose of the boat. basically lay down flat and hold on tight to the ropes. It was so fun and adventurous. This trip in itself from driving up the scary mountain, to riding horses and then rafting was so much fun and an amazing experience. We're actually tthinking and talking about doing the 10 mile rafting trip next year which would involve number 5 rapids. I can now finally scratch this off my bucket list. :)