Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day you Challenge

I'm jumping on the bandwagaon. Several of my friends are doing this as well, so I'm joining in on the fun. Thanks to Sarah and Renee who gave me the idea. :)
My secrets aren't really secrets so I may bore you. I don't have anything outrageous or juicy. Sorry peeps. So here it goes....

1. I still to this day keep a journal. I like to look back and say, "oh yeah!" or to even write my daily struggles and prayers and see how I've grown.

2. I admit I struggle with low self-esteem. I've probably been like this since middle school. My ugly years with braces, glasses, pimples, etc... It's hard for me and I pray that God will allow me to be confident in myself because it's one thing I'm not.

3. I'm a jealous wife probably because of point 2. I admit and hate myself for this, but when I notice a pretty girl flirting with my man, I get jealous.

4. I think it's selfish when people don't share good deals that come out. Example this: 2011 Predators Pre-Season Offer- enjoy!

5. It makes me sad when parents have favorites and prefer to make one happier than the other or forget they have other children. I honestly wish I could speak up when I see this happen contantly, but I keep it to myself.

6. I know I shouldn't care about what people think, but I do at times. And I'm not talking about my looks or anything here. I'm talking about me looking like the bad person for certain family events/holidays/vacations that can't be attended, if I don't do a certain something for my children and everyone else is doing it, what my house looks like if people come over and it's a hot mess, etc... I honestly hate to disappoint people.

7. If Robert and I could afford and have a weekend babysitter- we would have weekly weekend dates.

8. I get excited for little things like special love notes, Avonlea peeing on the toilet for the 6th time this week and her just turning 2, Arianna knowing how to pronounce her letters, friends who love and want to spend time with me, nice weather, etc...

9. I wish at times money was not an issue so I could just buy clothing, eat out, travel, whenever I wanted and not worry.

10. It frustrates me when people call themselves Christians but don't even try (key word-try) to live the life of a Christian. And no, I'm not saying be perfect, because I'm not perfect and none of us are perfect. If you claim Christianity, try to live the life.

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