Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day you Challenge-6 places

6 places I'd like to make a point to go during my lifetime....Keepin' it simple today by staying in the US
1. Biltmore-Ashville, NC. I have been wanting to go here forever. I'm still waiting for that special someone in my life to take me there one weekend. :) I, however, would like a special private tour so I can see every crook and crany in this house.
2. New York City-the thought of walking in time square, visiting lady liberty, shopping, seeing grand central station, visiting ellis island, going to several broadway shows, etc... excites me. I'd probably need 2 weeks in NYC to do everything I want to do.

3. Las Vegas/The Grand Canyon-all in close proximity. I wouldn't even care to gamble...just go to the magic shows, other shows, and to shop. Then we'd take time to visit the grand canyon, meet the indians that still live there, hike, and perhaps white water rafting (did ya'll know there's a 4 year waiting list to do this?!) 
Las Vegas Strip
4. Miami-I've been, but I was like 10 years old. Just seems like a fun place to visit.
5. Nappa Valley, San Francisco, California. While there, we'd also hit up San Francisco and visit the famous San Francisco bridge, Alcatraz and the crazy streets that I could never imagine driving on or for that matter parking. I'd be afraid of my car breaks going out!
6. Pennsylvania-It's historic and I like the idea of visiting where some of our history happened.

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