Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ta dah, it's my 100th post!

Happy Anniversary to me because I'm the one who has actually written them all....oh shoot, wait! Except for this one...WHATEV! You get the picture. Really! What can I say....Oh my goodness! I don't have words! First off, I want to thank my God up in heaven for giving me this opportunity, to all my 12 followers/fans who have stuck this out with me and who have made this possible, to everyone who has taken the time to read this, and to all who have actually read my posts-not scroll through it for pictures only (yes I admit I'm one of those), but you my friends, those who follow me, have kept me going. Without you, I'd be nothing-a non-blogging writing fool!
Okay-sorry for the sarcasm, but blogging has been a great thing for me. Its not only been challenging, hard, and extremely frustrating that I just want to throw and break my computer but in all seriousness fun. I'm still not quite good at it, but I'm learning as I write. I have truly enjoyed sharing my life with you guys. It's such a great way to stay in tune with others as well. I lurve me some good worthy reading blogs. 
I started this thing, or let me say, Kristy told me 100 posts ago that I needed and had to start a blog because 'everyone was doing it'. :) So let's just say I gave this a shot. And you guys, I'm so proud of my 12 followers. lol..thank you for reading about my not so exciting life. It means a lot and you know who you are. I love ya!
And just for the fun of it, here's a glorious picture of me because I'm just that beautiful. I dedicate this to all my followers, more so to Misty. :)


  1. You should have totally put stuff all over the counters before taking the picture. :) See, I'm trying to comment more. I do read your blog and not just scroll through.

  2. When I read this I thought, "Surely she isn't referring to me..." so I looked through all of your followers to see that I was indeed the only Misty! :)