Friday, August 19, 2011

Library Time

I have discovered that the library is actually a fun and amazing place for my girls. A place where I can sit on the couch or floor (read if I want to) and let them run around like crazy with other children-in a learning filled environment! Yep, you read that right. They have toys, books, computers, and craft time for the kiddos. The childrens area is seperated from the other sections of the library so they can be loud and not interrupt others who are coming for their own enjoyment or who come to get away from noisy kids. 
My wild child aka Avonlea playing with whatever those thingys are called
Arianna playing some Dora game on the computer
And where the majority of the toys are and parents sit.
 So yeah, the library is a place for mom's/dad's to bring their kids for fun and a major distraction time for them. So if you are a parent, look and do some research into your local library for a place to take your kids. Seriously!

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