Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool partay!

We celebrated a very special birthday this weekend. My baby-not so baby anymore-turned 2! Since she was born in the smack dab middle of the summer heat, we decided to do an outside kiddie pool party. Kids love water, especially my own. We decided to do it at the Eddy's house since they have a lot more space. So here's what I did. I used 3 kiddie pools filled with water obviously-two filled with colorful balls, 2 kiddie slides, 2 kinds of water sprinklers and offered their bigger pool for anyone to enjoy.  It may have looked ghetto, but the kids had fun.  However, it was so muggy/humid, H.O.T!!!!

Due to weather predictions of rain all day, we decided to move all pools under carport
My girlie having lots of fun....
Gift table and goodie bag/food table
We offered the bigger pool for the bigger kiddos
Fun action shot of her slidding down.
This is all that mattered to me
Lovin' her little cute butt cheeks. :)
Cousins having a good time. Can't even tell they are cousins huh?! My little white chicas.
Would you like some watermelon?

You'd think this was the only pool....
Opening her gifts
She's 2!

My mom's creative idea for the cupcakes: Blue frosting, round gummy with a teddy graham inside gummy. A bear floating in a pool

Happy Grandparents (my parents-top, Robs parents-below)

Overall, the kids had fun and the party turned out alright.  Avonlea played in pools until 6pm. So for 4 straight hours, she played. She was a happy kid.

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