Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's your favorite cereal?

Seeing that I'm trying to keep up with blogging, I thought I'd bore you with my favorite breakfast cereals. What is your absolute favorite cereal and what is your most favorite 'kid/unhealthy' cereal? I'll start with the healthy ones first.
My #1 must have in pantry cereal always! :)

Love love love

Don't have this one often because it's so expensive! When I do though, it's a treat!

Always in our pantry for the girls not only as breakfast cereal but on the go snack and a decent good healthy one at it too.

And now for my favorite UNHEALTHY hit the spot kid cereals that I every once in a while will buy if I have a coupon and it goes on sale and I'm just craving.
I am a peanut butter fanatic...really...this is my friends is my weakness. I pass it in the stores and drool! I could eat this all feakin' day long if I allowed myself.

A great one as well that the entire family loves

Everyonce in a while I'll be in the mood for this, but it's not a must have as my #1.

I have this in the pantry now and will open when I feel crazy/hyper and want some popping.

So what's your favorite cereal...healthy or unhealthy!

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