Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun Night

Robert and I decided to take a low key date night for our 8 year anniversary. My wonderful momma took the girls and we stayed in the Cool Springs area to enjoy the night together. That's all we needed. Time together. So that's what we did.

Here we are starting our night.....
We started the night at The Cajun Steamer. We wanted to try something new and not go for the typical chain restaurant. This place came highly recommended by my oldest friend in the world Kristy. Well, I'm glad we took her advice on this one. This was one of the best places I've ever tasted. Our mouths were burning though!! :) So if you aren't into spicky hot stuff don't even try coming here. Look how awesome our food looked!

I got the Tilapia and Shrimp Rockefeller-OMG a delicious mess! Robert got this....the All Saints Tilapia (with shrimp, rice and mashed potatoes). His was even better! Oh and those cajun mashed die for!
We really enjoyed our food and will definitely go back!

After our steamy hot meal, we took a walk around the block. We talked about EVERYTHING. It was nice to just talk. We had some time to kill before our movie started. We decided to ask each other questions like, 'what's the best date in the last 8 years, what have been your ups and downs of marriage, what's the best trip we've taken?' etc... It was nice.

We then went to watch this.... in 3D
The movie was good, but I had such a huge headache afterwards...maybe 3D was not such a good idea, but we wanted to 'go all out' you know. :) Regardless we enjoyed our night and had a great time!

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