Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Publix shopping = Couponing

I never go to shop shop at Publix. Publix is my couponing store. Really! I run in and out of the store with the deals. Every week Publix puts out a different ad for BOGO free deals. So the day I go shopping is Wednesday. Why Wednesday you ask? Because every Wednesday is when the new 'buy one get one' deals come out and that's the day they have their penny item. What's a penny item? A penny item is one publix brand of food or item that is only a cent. Yes! One cent. You spend $10 to get a penny item and because this is the day I do my couponing, I take full advantage. Today's penny item is Apple Juice. Now, you must be thinking, "Who cares about applie juice?" Well peeps, it's only a penny and I DO! I have two little girls who drink like crazy and what couldn't be better than 100% Apple Juice???? I love it when the penny item is something we could really use. Sometimes it's things like vanilla wafers or sweet tea which none of us in this household care about, however, I give away what I don't care for because heck, it's only a penny. I can't stress on that enough.
Check out all I bought today
Pretty awesome. Here is where I wish I had some mad blogging skills with the arrows pointing to the different things describing with bolded words in the picture what all I bought, but sadly I have none of those stupid skills because I'm blogged challenged. So let me tell you what I bought. Everything listed is bogo-take that into mind.
  • 4 bags of doritos (no coupon for this but at $1.99)
  • 1 box of Nutrigrain bars (normally $3.49, but at $1.74 with a coupon of $.50 which Publix doubles anything under .50 cents)
  • 4 boxes of betty crocker mashed potatoes (normally $1.73, but at $.86 each and then with a coupon of .50 for two making it .$36 cents)
  • 5 powerade Ion stuff -Only for Robert! (normally $1.25 each, but at $.62 each before coupon. $1 off 5 powerades making it $.42 each)
  • 4 cans of Del Monte Tomato Sauce ($.65 normally at $.32-no coupon for this one)
  • 1 frozen snack box of Alexia Bites with 3 cheeses (first time so only bought one-normally $3.59 but today on sale for $1.79 after coupon of $1 off made it at $.79)
  • 1 container of Sweet Baby Ray's Shredded pork (first time so only bought one-normally at $5.99 today on sale for $2.99 after $1 off coupon=$1.99)
  • 2 Wet ones Moist wipes (at $2.59 normally, sale was $1.29 but with a coupon of $1 off of 2 wipes=$.79 each)
  • 2 Lysol Disinfecting wipes (at $4.99 on sale today for $2.49 with $1 off coupon made it $1.49)
  • and last but not least my penny item: Apple Juice.
All this my friends totaled $25.32. Pretty good huh?! Well you see, had I not used coupons and or bought the bogo's, the total would have been $64.85. My total savings at Publix today was $39.53. I love it when my savings comes out greater than my actual payment. So cool! All this with the help of Southern Savers. This website let's you know exactly what's on sale or the buy one get ones and then you create the list of stuff you are interested in and find the coupons (keep in mind you have to keep your weekly coupons!). It really has helped our grocery bill. I spend about $20-30 weekly on Publix and then do my regular grocery shopping of neccesities at Kroger...meaning meats, milk, eggs, etc... We've been doing this now for a few months and now that I'm home, it's a must. I've got to get better. Our monthly grocery bill totals a little over $220 a month now because I do this couponing thing. I think that's pretty good for a family of 4. Or is it not? I know there's ways to improve and I will get it down! I hear and know for a fact that CVS is a gold mine! Pretty soon I'll take that on.

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