Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday...A good day!

One normally doesn't say Monday's are good days, but I've got to Monday was quite alright.
1.) My blog has changed! Isn't this so much nicer? And, yeah, no more baby pictures because my kids are like so much older than what I had on here before. Yep, my bestie volunteered to come over to help me create a better looking blog. I think she did a great job. Oh and yeah, I did help a tad bit. :)
2.) I love this picture Arianna made for me. I think it's the cutest thing. It also makes me laugh hard. Can you tell who is who?
I'm top left, daddy is top right. Arianna is bottom left and Avonlea is bottom right. Aren't her people so stinkin' cute! I love how sticks are coming out of a bubble-circle-square, whatever you want to call it. This one is definitely a keeper.
3.) This picture below just cracks me up. I know, not so cute right, but come on it's funny. I told girls to say 'cheese' and well that's the face Arianna made. She looks like she just saw a ghost or something freaky. 4.) Dinner was absolutely fabulous. I made a tangy lemon pepper shrimp pasta. The picture doesn't make it look good, but it was soooo good. Robert said it's definitely a repeat. 5.) We went to the gym and worked out together.

6.) Came home, put girls down to bed and then Robert and I got to cuddle while watching 'Just Go With It'.

So, my Monday overall was good. A simple yet good day. My heart is happy now that my house is somewhat presentable when people come over, I'm so in love with the 3 people I live with who make me laugh so hard and my awesome friend came over to just help me fix my blog because I was having so many issues. Life is good. I honestly can't complain. Thank you God!

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