Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Becoming Candice Olson-my inspiration

So I've thought a lot about my bonus room and how much I want to get it together. I know what I like, but I don't know how to make it come together. It's overwhelming actually since it's so big. I'm talking 20x31! Any whoodles, right now it serves as 3 spaces. Office, family, and toy room all in one. Our house consists of 3 bedrooms, so I have no choice but to make this bonus room all three combinations. Our bonus room is an absolute chaos. I've got it divided by our lovely sectional. One side is all toys and the other side is office/family room.

If I could choose and afford any interior designer to design my room it would be the awesome Canadian Candice Olson.She is incredible and can transform any room into what you want. Really!!! If you haven't ever watched her show you need to...it's called Divine Design. Check her out here. She's so good and really does an awesome job. I know she could get the job done in my bonus room. Without a doubt!!!!

Well, this summer, I'm going to try and become her brain. I'm going to research her site and get inspired. Some of the things I'm wanting are below...not of her site, but pottery barn. Here are some of the ideas I'd like to make happen to our room.
I would love an entertainment center like this with the left side being a desk instead of cabinets. Take out those buttom cabinets, make it a hole for a chair and remove the bottom shelf so I could put in our labtop. Call it a small desk.

On the opposite side of the room, I'd love to make it kiddish yet good enough to flow with the rest of the room. I would love to take fish wire and hang some of their art work (we haven't done yet but will) do something like above those book shelves to go on both side of our window that we have in the middle. I think I like the idea..what do you think? Next I'd love to do something like these bookshelves below.....

I love the little bench seat and the book cases on both sides. Imagine our window in the middle and the bookcases filled with baskets on both sides? Wouldn't that look so good??? And window treatments like this below for both windows we have in our room.
I have ideas floating around my head it's just coming together is the difficult part with such a huge room. I want it to have a warm, traditional and familyish feel. That's all.

Now my wish is that by some miracle Candice Olson or her employees will somehow read this post, have sympathy for me and grant me the wish of coming to TN to do me this one little favor. :) I love you so much Candice...really...come help me with this big awful room. You are my inspiration and what made me love interior designing so much. You are so amazing and I honestly drool when I see the transformations you've done to rooms. I will brag about you the rest of my life!!!!! Awwwhhh, now back to reality...only wishful thinking.

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