Thursday, June 30, 2011

A proposal maybe? be continued

Remember my blog from a couple of weeks ago 'A Proposal Maybe?' well it happened!!! I guessed right!! Actually, we all, meaning my entire family knew it would happen. My sister came back engaged with ring on hand. I love my sister to death and wish her the best. I'm happy for her if she's happy. That's it. I think she's a little crazy at times and she's a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person. But that's what makes her my lively, loud, doesn't think things through spontanious sister Eunice. Yes, her name is Eunice, get over it. We were all named after bible names and well, we can't help it that our names are so old fashioned. Any ways, my sister is getting married in 3 months and is moving to Mexico temporarily. Yep, you read right! 3 months and is moving to another country. According to her she's got it all under control. All I can do is try to talk sense into her, but she won't listen to me because she is madly in love. When someone is in love like she is, their heart thinks first rather then their brain. She's pretty confident about everything so I'm leaving it at that. If that's what she wants to do then go for it. I'm helping her in what I can and also trying to talk to her. 3 months people!!! 3 months. That's just crazy!  And you're probably thinking, why the heck in 3 months...well, long story turned short, the entire Ruiz clan is going to Mexico (it's been over 10 years since we've been) in September. Something we've had plans for-for a long time. Any ways, since it's so dang expensive to fly out there (I'm talking $2k for our family not to include expenses), we can't just get up and go to Mexico when we want...hence her getting married in 3 months. Jaime's entire family lives in Mexico too so that's why they are taking advantage. We're all there (people who matter the most) and his families there. My sister's BFF is also flying down with us so she doesn't miss her short planned wedding. Any ways, here are a few pictures of her crazy self.
 This picture tells it all! :) I love her though!
 Arianna is not happy to hear she's leaving the country and not seeing her aunt for a year.
 Her pretty ring. He did good on her ring. It's actually really cute.
  Let the 3 short months of planning begin.....
Please pray that in someway or another a miracle will happen. I'm a worried and a very protective sister.

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