Thursday, July 7, 2011

And the hubs returns....

Okay, so I have to admit something. I'm going to be honest once again as I was with this post. Ya'll are going to be like, "OMG!" Well, first of, I'm not going, or I'm going to try not to be the type to write just happy things on here all the time okay?! I'm normal-I think! Hahaha! Look, I am very happy, don't take me wrong. I love my God, my family, friends and my life. But come on, it's okay to not write such happy blogs all the time too. I mean seriously peoples, we all know you don't have a perfect life.  No one does. Some people just write about how happy they are and how perfect their lives are, but then don't actually ever write the 'down and dirty' crap that goes on behind closed doors right?
So with that said, let me just say, my hubby has been gone for the last 2 weeks with his job, minus the weekends where he's returned home but then leaves again when Monday returns kind of gone. But honestly and really - IT'S BEEN FABULOUS!!!! LOL. So are you like "OMG Shut the front door"?! Okay, I know. This sounds bad, but it's so true. I was telling this to one of my friends tonight and I admit, I don't want him gone like this all the time, really! But dang peeps, a good break from each other is needed every once in a while. Now listen to what I'm going to say for just a minute (I guess you aren't listening but you get the point, ha!). I think when Robert is gone like this, like every once in a while for a few days straight, I honestly learn to appreciate and love him more. I love my husband very much. It's a - I can't imagine my life without him- type of love okay. I'm actually quite dependent on him. It's not like I'm wanting him gone so I can do bad things or anything, but a break is needed for every couple every once in a while. A breather let just say. Now again, I'm not talking about being gone ALL THE TIME. I'm talking like 2-4 times a year kind of gone.
With him being gone as he has been, I've had a little more freedom to do what I want to do. I'm not saying I'm controlled or in a prison or anything like that when he's here, but you know what I mean I hope. When he's not around, I don't cook, my house stays clean (yeah it does-he's messy!), I can get up and go freely wherever, etc... When he's home we like to do stuff together and not do too much during the week because he's been at work all day. So time together is also necessary. I don't like to just get up and go out with friends when he's home because I do want to spend time with him, whereas now that he's been gone, I have been able to do this freely. There's this little 'freedom' thingy. Does this make sense? Maybe it doesn't, but it does to me.
But in all honesty, Robert and I got into this huge argument over this stupid something right as he left and well, with him being gone like this, it's been good. We almost needed this break for a bit. It came at the right time. No, I'm not mad anymore and I know or at least think he isn't with me either. But basically we were both being selfish and both thought we were right. You know, one of those type of arguments where no one wins! So yes, I have to admit, him being gone has been a blessing/a medicine. God knows when we need time away from each other and He gave it to us at the right time.
Honestly though, I truly miss him and I can't wait to see him. I'm ready for him to be home and have some quality time with him. Our marriage isn't perfect by no means, but I hope when we're old that we can look back and just know it was a path we had to take in order to get us where we are at that moment. Whose marriage is perfect? If you are reading this and it is, please tell me, because I want to know.
So please, don't judge me. I love my husband, but time away is healthy too. I can't wait to see him tomorrow night, but him being gone these last two weeks as I said earlier has been.........FABULOUS! :)  The time I've had to myself once girls have gone down for the night has been oh so nice too.
Now for a picture, because I feel like ya'll need to see what we look like and because I feel a bit guilty for feeling the way I do. I mean you see the love right?! :) There's definite love there.
*If you read this Robert, I promise I love you.* :)
And I leave you with this....."However much you love your work, you still need a vacation. However much you love your family, you still need some time alone. People tend to feel guilty about taking time for themselves. Perhaps they wouldn't if they realized that doing so gave them more energy to devote to the ones they love."

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