Friday, July 15, 2011

And VBS is Over!

So what have I been doing ALL WEEK LONG?! VBSing. It was my first time ever! Really. I mean I used to do VBS as a kid, but as an adult I had never done it. I've always worked and haven't been able to participate/volunteer in years past. I've always wanted too and this year was the year.
So this weeks theme was Pandamania.
Where God is Wild about You!

It was fun, a blessing in disguise (I'm done having children), definitely an experience, but such an EXHAUSTING WEEK! Let me tell you why....well, I decided since it was my first time, to volunteer as a 'Crew Leader'. I was going to give this a shot. You know what? I had no idea what I signed up for. Oh my goodness! I thought a crew leader was taking kids to different stations and that's it. Yes, that's true to some extent, but I couldn't just take them, I had to stay with the kids the entire time. ENTIRE TIME! Thank God Almighty it was only 3 hours even though it felt like an eternity! I had 5 kids all by myself with the exception of one day I had help. My kiddos were all the same age and I got 4 boys!!!!!!! Only one girl. Now imagine 4 boys the same age?! HYPER is the only word I can think off. Bless all you teachers out there who do this all week, 8 hours a day. Ya'll are my heros!
Now let me just say...I enjoyed VBS. Really I did. It was an experience because I don't deal with many kiddos at the same time much and well, I only have 2 girls at home. I loved all my kids. I really did. I had a special love for each of them. I hadn't met any of my kids before and they all go to my church. I hope to see them and give them hugs everytime I see them from here on out because I truly enjoyed each of them. They were fun but they also gave me headaches. I think they liked me though. At least I hope they did.
So here's what we did a lot of: Sing, Dance, Sing, Dance, crafts, bible stories, pandamania movie, sing, dance, play outside (in the horrible heat), snacks and more sing and dance.
Here are a few pictures of all the kids singing and dancing (this was my favorite out of everything!):
 Here's the special guest for the week-panda!
And here above are my kiddos dancing and actually being so good.
Awwwh, at times they were such good listeners. I had them all line up like this every time. Notice behind my kids that not very many kept their kids lined up or together. It was so chaotic!
Now for my kids...individually:
My most well behaved child (he sang every song, danced every move and listened to me everytime).
This is Mason. Isn't he a cutie?! His parents are beautiful people and this kid has moves. He can dance good!
 Awhh Mason. He was fun and hyper! I loved how he people watched. :)
My sweet Peyton. She was the quietest of all and really well behaved too. She didn't like being the only girl in the group. I almost think they thought she was a boy when they read her name and assigned her to this group.
This is Will. He didn't really care to particpate much in the singing or dancing, but he was an interesting little individual. Put him, Mason and Jackson together and you've got an exhausted teacher.
 and finally, a picture to show you how we all felt at the end of the day....
VBS is fun. Next year however, I will not be a crew leader. I will volunteer elsewhere. Perhaps singing and dancing, crafts or drama. Maybe older children. :) Thank you God for a great fun week and thank you for giving me patience.

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