Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yes, I'll take your trash!

If you know me, you know I'm not one to be easily embarrassed when it comes to shopping at Goodwill, garage/yard sales, consignment stores, flea markets, etc.... Take me wit ya! I love me a good bargain!
Well, when I was little, my dad used to be a bell-hopper at an expensive condo unit. Every once in a while, he would bring goodies home that he'd find in the trash. Really. He would find leather coats, perfectly good dishes, clothing, and jewelry that rich people would just throw away. So I guess I learned this from him. Someone's trash is another person's treasures. This is going to sound super wierd, but sometimes we'd be driving through rich neighborhoods on purpose to find some good stuff.
Any ways, I was driving the other day and came across this stuff.

Okay, so it's not fabulous and it's not a big deal, but the stuff looked good to me. I brought my car to a complete, middle of the road, stop. I'm sure I embarrassed the person I was with :) (I'll leave it at that).Why would anyone throw away a perfectly good basket and perfectly good looking pumpkins and fall stuff???  Look, I love fall and I love the 'thought' of decorating. I will put this stuff to good use! People, if you are going to get rid of something, take it to goodwill or give it away. Don't trash it if you can make money!!! So if I see 'stuff' in the trash, you better believe I will stop. Not ashamed at all. Now, if the owners are outside just walking around their yard, I will drive away and come back. :) hahaha.

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  1. When I was a kid my (first) stepdad, Kenneth, was a carpet installer. He'd get installation jobs in Belle Meade all the time and go through their dumpsters. That's how we got our first microwave and most of our Nintendo games! Once while installing carpet he found a 2 carat diamond earring underneath the carpet and whoever owned the house told him to keep it! It was worth a ton of money, and no he didn't sell it, he had my mom a ring made from it!