Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm excited about today!!! Why? Three very special reasons:

1. Because my beautiful blonde haired 4 year old Arianna is getting her very first haircut!!! Yes, her first. It's taken forever for her hair to grow and well, I waited because I hated to cut it. It's time!!! She wants repunzel hair, so this may be a toughy today.
2. I get to spend the afternoon with my best friend, Kristy. Today is a must hang out day. That's all! Love you PW. We're going to shop, talk and just have a good time! 
 3. And lastly, I get a date night with my favorite man in the world. My mom randomly asked me if she could keep both girls tonight and of course I said, YES YES YES!!!! Those don't come around often. So we're taking advantage and going out!!! Now, how late can we stay out??? Who knows, we're going to try though!!! :)

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Look, a comment is coming your way!! Haha!
    Thanks for the shout out. Ready for some shopping too! Bring your camera for her hair cut!