Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ughh! Crazy days to say the least.

So this is the first week Robert's been gone with his job. He's in McKenzie-West TN auditing Bethel College but staying in Paris because according to him it's the closest place with a hotel decent enough to stay in. It's about 20 minutes from the college. Any whoodles, he's gone Monday thru Friday night. I don't like posting these things on facebook because I know lots of people on there and they know where I live or could figure it out. Here on the other hand, besides a few girls who maybe read my blog, are good friends that I completely trust rather than facebook friends/strangers. Everyone else who may possibly read this doesn't know a thing about me. :)

Of course, odd things decide to hit me all at once within a day of each other. So here it goes...this is long so prepare yourself.

Monday morning I decided to start my work day at 8am rather than 7am. Go figure right! Well, I decided this because I was going to be in Nashville any ways for a Predator's Game and I was just going to stay in the area. Well on my way to work, there was so much traffic. I had forgotten how horrible traffic was right before 8am. There's never traffic before 7am. Any ways, right before getting into downtown I noticed all these cars in front of me slamming on their brakes. Luckily I saw it ahead of time and had the time to slow down. I guess the car behind me did not. I looked out my rear view mirror and saw him coming as I also heard squealing tires. He tried swirving to the left to get to the emergency lane, but obviously didn't have the time and HIT ME! I saw it all and of course I tensed (I know you aren't supposed to do this, but I did as I didn't think about that). We are okay and it was nothing too major.

His car was no longer drivable and mine was okay all besides the bumper. My bumper is dented heavily and is no longer attached. The guy who hit me-his radiator went out. It was leaking juice everywhere. We caused a huge traffic pile up on the interstate obviously! So get this, I find out the guy who hit me is a COP! Yep a cop. Pulled the badge out and everything! I was so relieved that it wasn't me who hit him. Could have been bad if roles were reversed. After making sure we were okay and talking about what happened he then tells me, "We don't have to file a report for this. Things will go quicker and it won't take too long and you can be gone. This will then not get on both our driving records. You can trust me. I'm an officer." Yeah huh! An officer my booty. I did not feel comfortable with this at all and I told him this. When another police man arrived on the scene the guy who hit me tells the officer that we were thinking about not filing a report. I looked at him and gave him the eye because I NEVER agreed to it. Any ways, the other officer said, "Yes, we will file a report." I was so happy to hear those words. The guy who hit me said, "oh you do things differently in this county." So with all that said, a report was filed and it's done. His insurance will pay for my damages! I found out later the reason he didn't want to file a report was because police officers who actually cause an accident get suspended for a week without pay. Because it's going on his record he'll get suspended now. Oh well! I don't want it to come haunt me later.

Okay, so with that wierd incident as if it couldn't get wierder, on Tuesday night I decided to leave my girls with my mom. I work from home Wednesday's so I didn't want to have to wake them up super early to drop them off to then come all the way home again. I left girls and went home for the night. I decided to let Zorro-my maltipoodle dog sleep with me. My pro-tec-tor. ha! If you know Zorro, you know he's not big at all. Nor scary. So we went to bed and I fell asleep. Around 11:30pm Zorro wakes me up barking. I wake up to hear 2 men talking....outside my freakin' bedroom window! I am so scared by this point that I call my neighbor who doesn't answer and then call another neighbor who tells me he's at his girlfriends house 6 minutes away and that he'll be over asap! I then call the 911 b/c I don't know any other number to call and they transfer me to Wilson county who then forwards me to Williamson County. They never answered. I'm so scared because I still hear these men talking. Well about 10 minutes later the men are gone and there's police outside my door along with my neighbor. They look around to find nothing. They noticed though that the gate was wide open. We never leave that gate opened because we let Zorro out back there. So someone had obviously opened it. So after a while, everyone leaves. At about 12:30ish or 1am, Zorro once again wakes me up to again these same men talking!!! Again in my yard. I am really freakin' out by now. I call the police once again and they arrive 15 minutes later. Again nothing. They looked all around. The gate was propped once again but nothing. I think the police were annoyed with me and I bet they were thinking I had made all this crap up, but the gate said it all. I don't care what they say. After awhile they left again and well I went to bed with a huge knife next to me and that was the end of that.

The next morning I couldn't focus on work at all so I took 1/2 the day off. My nerves were everywhere. As I'm getting off work, as if the car accident and then intruders in my yard wasn't enough...I hear an ambulance and fire truck in my neighborhood. Hoping all was okay, I looked out my window to notice they had parked in front our friends house. My stress climbed again! Remember the art blog? I made those paintings for my friend who is also my neighbor. I ran to my phone to notice I had just missed a call from her. I was praying to God hoping her baby was okay who was born early last week (I posted a picture of her in the blog before too-Emelia). We finally got in touch with each other and she told me she had started hemorrhaging. She just randomly started bleeding a lot!! I felt so bad for her as she's already been through so much. She asked if I could go sit with her mother-in-law Patsey to take care of the baby since it had been a long time for her. I think it was meant for me to get off early that day so I could help her out. I sat with Patsey for about 2 hours and just enjoyed cuddling and playing with little Mia.

Those were two wierd days for reals that I had to share! I haven't stressed in that way in such a long time...2 highly eventful days in a row with 3 incidents. Hay ay hay! I need a relaxing day so bad! Which won't happen in a while as I'm planning my mom's 50th birthday party for this weekend. However it will be fun so I can't complain. I do love my life but this was just an eventful 2 freaky days!

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