Friday, September 10, 2010

DC Trip

We finally got our computer cord and I can share our DC experience! Anyways....

As I've mentioned before, DC cannot be seen in 3 days. Our main objective was the Restoring Honor Rally put together by Glen Beck. We planned around this. Robert is a huge Glen Beck fan and well we decided spontaneously to go without girls. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesada Maryland-about 10-15 miles out right on the metro. Nice and clean hotel. I was so happy we decided not to take a car as parking was $22 a day at the hotel..not to include $20 a day to just park in DC. Ridiculous.

When we first arrived at the airport we took our very first marc train out to Union Station to get on the metro. This was a bit overwhelming at first but we very soon figured all out.

Here we are getting on the marc train/metro for the first time! Fun experience, especially for people watching.

We arrived at Union station here and I was amazed and blown away by the fact that it was practically a mall train station!! Never knew this. I guess I expected little eatery places, but not shops. You can spend 1/2 a day there. You literally see people from all parts of the country. I heard many different languages.

After walking around for a while and eating our dinner at Union Station, we headed to Betheseda. Once we arrived in Bethesada, we had to go up this escalator to get to our hotel. It's seriously the longest escalator I've ever been on. Apparently this is quite normal in a lot of the metro stops. I'm sure people thought we were wierd because we couldnt' stop talking and laughing about it.

-Our First Full day- got on the metro and went to the smithsonian metro stop. Here we are standing at the mall. I was a bit surprised with the mall. I always thought it was paved sidewalks, gorgeous and fancy. Well not so much. Its gravel sidewalks all along the sides and patches of grass throughout. Of course people always come out here for different gatherings and stuff so I kinda understand the grass thing. Any ways, I was still in awe. Just being there and seeing the monuments was amazing in itself.

The first day I decided to wear flip flops-not knowing and took my purse, again not knowing. BAD IDEA! My feet were burning by the end of the day and were extremely dirty from the mall. We walked so much and we weren't going to take a cab for $40 to take us a few blocks away. We're way too cheap for that kind of stuff and that's just a lot of freakin' money.
Here's Robert with the capitol behind him at the mall

Me, with the washington monument behind me

Walking the mall-never knew it was a 3 mile loop. It seems like everything is so close, but literally far away.

Here's Robert in front of the Restoring Rally Banner-day before big day.

At the Washington monument looking at the Lincoln Memorial as its being prepped for Saturday's Rally. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to run badly through the pool like Jenny from Forest Gump. :)

So while there, we called Robert's old coworker whose been living in DC for the past year, any ways, he gave us a tour of the USDA/RD Building where he works. As boring as that sounds, the building was built to be a prison. So it was actually quite neat.
Robert wanted to feel important and get his speach he did.

After this, which I have no pictures to share since it wasn't allowed, we went to the Holocaust Museum. I highly recommend this so you know the history behind Hitler and the nazi camps. The average time to get through this place for any normal human is 2 hours. It took us 4 1/2 hours! I had to read everything and see everything. I didn't want to miss anything. Of course a lot of this I blame on the crowd of people. I also probably cried 10 times. Hitler deserves Hell for what he did to all those jews. Extremely sad. I was overwhelmed and well words can't describe my emotions. I'm so glad I had the experience to go...however I don't recommend parents to take children 13 and under. Too much graphic pictures and videos of horrible nazi's and german dr.'s experimenting on children. Some horrid stuff! There were so many little kids too who I'm sure were pretty disturbed or for that matter traumatized...I mean I was. I will just say this, the very stop to the museum is on the 4th floor and when you get of off the elevator, your eyes immediately fall on a huge wall-a picture of dead bodies of children, women and men. No joke, my eyes teared up and I knew there was so much more to come. The cool thing about this place is that you get a passport of a jewish woman or man. You learn whether your jew lived or died. Sad too. Mine died, Roberts survived.

After the museum we went to a fish market. I don't believe I've ever been to a fresh fish market.

We then hopped on the metro and went to the Arlington Cemetery. I definitely recommend a stop to see this place. Amazing to think of thousands of soldiers who died for our Country. Soldiers from the Revolutionary War, World Wars, to the Persian Gulf War. Several Presidents are also burried here and other important figures.

We then walked over to the Iwo Jima Statue.

Took pictures of DC. I thought the view of the city was spectacular. All three buildings..the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol.

-Day 2-
Restoring Honor Rally
Lots and lots of peoples

The rally was unforgetable and the main reason we decided to go to DC. Glen Beck put together this rally in hopes that people would come together to honor our Country and try to go back to it's original roots as it has obviously strayed away. Speakers such as Sarah Palin and Aveda King were there. We opened in prayer, sang together, listened to different speakers, and closed in prayer. Different religions came out and spoke. Becks speech focused on America's need to turn to God. The rally was very nonpolitical. It was far from it, despite what the media may have said. Sarah Palin did speak, but only to honor soldiers because her son is a soldier. Because our country is becoming godless the rally was very appropriate.

After the rally was over we walked over to the White House. There were too many people so we decided to come back (we never did).

We then went to H&M!! I love this place and can be there for hours. It's so affordable and funky. I know you can't really see it, but look hard enough and you'll see the red letters.
I wish we had this place here locally. It was 2 floors.

After my purchase at H&M (you'll notice one of my buys the last day in DC in a picture below) we walked over to the Ford Theater. This is where President Lincoln was shot. You'll notice a line below to get into the place. We waited a while.

Met up with Don-Rob's old coworker again.

and a friend I worked with who just moved recently to DC....

This was the home Lincoln was rushed too after he was shot and then died later.

His room where he was shot. It's obviously haunted. I'm not sure why my camera took like this, but I thought it was a bit wierd. So I dedicate this picture to Sarah. :) I looked hard to see if I saw any ghosts. I see nothing! :(
We then walked into the theater where it all took place. Where the chandelier hangs over window is where Lincoln was sitting with his wife when he got shot.

Here we are outside Theater (notice 2nd day I was smart and wore tennis shoes, even though I felt absolutely ridiculous).
After this, we walked over to the Bell Tower (Old Postal Service). We had heard from numerous peeps that we could get some great shots of the city...and so here they are....

My friend Trey walked over with us
We then walked to the mall again! With H&M in hand and notice no purse, but a backpack instead! I'm so glad we brought it too.
We headed over to the American History Museum. I loved it and we didn't even see it all. I really didn't take much pictures in there except this because we had so much fun doing it. You pick a famous president speech and read it at the podium. I was actually pretty good. Because i have such a loud mouth, people actually stopped to listen to me give my speech. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but I got over it quick. My secret service men looked out for me.

Day 3
Welcome to Mt. Vernon-beautiful place!
George Washington with wife Martha and her kids (interesting fact I didn't know-he never had any children of his own). Esta where are ya? I think youra little underdressed-put some bronze makeup and you should blend right in. oh and take those tennis shoes off!

Resting place for George and Martha-beyond that black box/hole are more family

View from their back porch
Front of home.

Their outhouse-yes three potties. Who wants to go potty with me! lol. I thought it was funny.
It was obviously built that way for a reason. They may have gone in groups back in the day. Who knows!
This thing/art I guess was beyond me. How the heck does an artist know how to do this? Any direction you moved, he looked at you. Left, middle, right, there he was starring.

Truly amazing. I wish I could do things like this.

Anywho, this place took all day because of metro and bus driving just to get here. For dinner we ate at an Irish Pub. No pictures. :( I was too tired and not thinking about it. We didn't get to our hotel until past midnight. As sad as this sounds, we rarely stay out that late anymore.
Day 4-Last day-same day we flew back home.
We got a tour of the Capitol.
This is inside the dome. Only place we took pictures really.
This one's for you Kristy-Helen Keller. You've shared several of her quotes and I know you love her. :)
Oh and you are probably thinking..why the heck would a Hellen Keller statue be in the capitol...well each state can place a significant figure from their state in the capitol and this is what Alabama chose. Tennessee was Andrew Jackson.
Another view of the capitol
We had a great time in DC and we were sad to leave and not have seen more. But we are due for another DC trip next September so we shall hit up what we missed.
We saw a lot! And saw some good friends. We did miss our girls, however it was a much needed trip for both of us. If that opportunity comes along, I highly recommend it.

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