Monday, September 20, 2010

And HE got a job!

I'm a really excited girl right now! My hubster, this cute guy right here (ignore the plain ugly tree and bare window behind him-I don't have very many pics of him on my work computer), just got himself a job and he starts today. Yay! He is now an Auditor for Crosslin & Associates. An accounting firm located in West End, right across Centennial Park.

Robert's been ready to go back to work. He's been a stay at home daddy since May and it's proven to be a little more difficult than he thought. Kuddos to all stay at home mommas. Not to say he was bad, but he's not cut out for it. But I have to say, he did a good job regardless. He fed, dressed, played and met their needs. The girls will miss him. Arianna is so attached to him it's ridiculous. Everything is daddy this, daddy that. Avonlea is somewhat the same. Anytime I take her out of her crib on Saturday/Sunday mornings and she see's him, her eyes light up! Honestly, deep inside, it hurts my feelings a little. Don't take me wrong though, I love the fact that they are so in love with their dad. I'm happy they have a dad who loves these girls so much. He's a wonderful dad and in some ways too, I'll miss him being with them. The girls will now be going to complete strangers and it makes me a bit nervous. I think any mother would be nervous to leave their children with complete strangers. It takes a while to warm up to a person your children are not use to.

So back to an auditor for Crosslin & Associates he'll be traveling a lot! I've kind of prepared myself for this already. When he was in school and also had a full time job, he was gone Monday-Thursday until 10pm at night. He would barely see the girls then too because of his heavy workload. I mean I was practically a single mom to two little girls, one being a recent newborn. It was tough. So with that said, I've done it and will probably be doing it again. His job requires 40-50% travel. That's actually a lot. Now traveling could be local, but gone until 10pm at night. It also obviously means overnighters. There could be times in the year he's gone up to 6 weeks at a time! Crosslin has several big companies they audit in other states such as NY, TX, Ca, DC, etc... However, they'll pay his flight home every weekend if he wanted to come home Friday-Sunday. They also said I could go with him, but that I'll have to pay my own way. He gets mileage reimbursement for every audit job and food per diem. Obvioulsy they'll pay his hotel. He'll maybe be in his actual office 2 times a week, because he'll be auditing other companies at their actual location. For example, some of their audits right now are Meharry College, Union college, city of Nashville, MTA, Nashville Electric and so on. So he'll actually be driving to work in the mornings to one of these locations and audit. Fun job huh?! To me absolutely BORING, but it's what he wanted to do. :)

He also gets a $2,000 bonus for taking his CPA. Yay! And when they asked what he wanted to get payed, he told them and they said, okay, we'll do it. Obvioulsy they really want him and didn't want to lose him. He went through 6 interviews in one day!!! They took him to lunch at Jay Alexanders and then later in the day they offered him the position. He was there from 10:30 until 3:30pm. He had no idea he'd be there that long. What company does this all in one day??? He had the interview Wednesday and he accepted Friday. I'm so proud of him. Truly I am. All his hard studying towards his CPA this summer has payed off. He's got one more to take the end of October and he'll be CPA certified/ready.

So with all that said, I'm a proud wife. I'm extremely happy for him and I know he'll do a great job. His goal is to one day be a CFO or Controller and I'll know he'll accomplish it. Way to go babes!!! I love you.

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