Saturday, October 16, 2010

1st week of school for my girls

My girls started school last week and what a week it has been. It was a bit rough and difficult for me but after several weeks of doing research I settled for Little People's Ink Preschool.

I was looking for several things in particular: A scheduled daily routine, curriculm, clean place, caring teachers (I know they all behave well when you first meet them, but mom's can sometimes sense this), outside playgound (surprisingly some schools didn't have one), affordable somewhat (ridiculous how much it costs! thank God we've begun their college savings), small and personable, and a place that would write down their daily activities. There's more to that list but well I would be on here forever!

I wasn't so worried for Arianna as I knew she was ready to be in a school. I was actually excited for her. I knew she'd tell me all about her day and activities. She has also talked about school for a long time now. It was a surprise to her when I told her she was going to start school early rather than at 4 years old. She's always told people she was starting school when she turned 4. The girl has got her birthday cakes planned already until she's joke! Any whoodles, she was thrilled about starting school! I love seeing my girl happy. However, Arianna was a bit disappointed when she thought she'd be picked up by an actual bus. When Monday arrived and she thought a bus was coming to get her, I had to tell her the bus was our yellow ford escape. Her disappointment showed on her face and I couldn't help but laugh. Her face went into this serious deep and confused look.

As for Avonlea, my little baby girl, barely 15 months...I was worried about. She can't talk really, but a few simple words like momma and dada. I knew she wouldn't be able to tell me about her day which worried me a bit. The school also told me she'd be sleeping on a mat on the floor and that just tore me up! I told them it would just be impossible and they reassured me she would pick up on it after some time and seeing other little ones doing it as well. She's use to having rails around her and not getting up and moving as she pleases. She also is used to having 4 hours of nap time. Avonlea is also drinking milk every 4 hours or so and I wanted to make sure they'd be giving her milk as she needed it. As you can read I was worried. But turns out things are going okay and I think she'll get use to it. I'm still a bit worried about naps as she's only had less than 2 hours of nap a day since she started last week, but hopefully things will get better with nap times.

This is Arianna's classroom. This is Avonlea's classroom.
Here's Arianna, her first day of school. She was so excited to wear her backpack and take her strawberry shortcake play doll! Girls at school the first day. I couldn't get one of Avonlea. Too distracted with magazines.
Arianna enjoying herself during playtime outside. She's got a little friend named Leah.

Here's Avonlea with her new little buddy Riley. He looks out for her. She was supposedly crying the other day for me and he went over to her little cubby hole, got her blanket and brought it to her. I thought that was so cute and sweet. (Yes, she looks like a little boy and the shirt is red, but it has a bow on the neck line. If you look hard enough you can see it on the right! :) ).

What I was most worried about was the napping on the mat thing...well I think it's working. Look-a-hea! Is she not precious?! I was so happy to get this picture from the teacher. She knew I was so worried. It still breaks my heart because I think she's too little to be on a mat, but I know I can't keep her a baby forever.

A little closer! I want to pick her up and hold her so badly.

Just a few more you can see again..I couldn't get Avonlea to look at me. Doesn't Arianna look like such a big girl..she's only 3!

The week went really well and Arianna was ready for Monday to roll around. She's enjoying school. Teresa, the teacher, seemed to be so surprised at how smart she is. I simply looked at her and said, "well of course she's smart, she's my daughter!" I was happy to hear this because I know she truly is a smart girl. Avonlea did really well besides the napping thing. She'll get use to it. I know she will.

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