Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You In Shape

If you are a subscriber to Shape Magazine you'll notice a cute very fit girl on page 149. Guess who that is?? That my friends is my sister-in-law Angela who was featured on the November 3oth anniversary issue. Yep. I have to brag right?! We've got a celebrity in our family. :) She's extremely fit. Works out just about every day without skipping a beat and eats super healthy. Angela is very committed and an inspiration to many.
 She truly deserved this. I'm extremely proud of her as it was her goal to be in a magazine and she was picked. Yay!
ow'd they know about her? Well, she entered her name, sent her picture and story and she was chosen from among hundreds-who knows maybe more. Angela's worked really hard. Check out her story if you're a subscriber or if you're at any of your local stores. Just walk yourself over to the magazine aisle and you'll see her there (page 149).

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