Thursday, November 10, 2011

Urban Street/Abstract Art

My little sister Damaris had an art show last weekend. I was so excited for her and ready to see her art work on display. She was a part of the Franklin Art Scene at the Damico Gallery. Lots of people came out. This is like an upidy artsy thing-I think-in, cracker, and cheeses are provided at very gallery around downtown Franklin and a lot of people come to just stare at art for minutes at a time. Kinda funny when you see people stand in front of an art piece for so long you start to wonder. It was exciting to see people stand in front of my sisters art work for long periods of time. Hopefully a good thing. ;)

The owner of this gallery noticed her art and asked if she could display her art work at his gallery for this particular event. I think that's pretty cool and says a lot. Her style: Urban Street-Abstract. It's not my style necessarily but I think she's good. I couldn't do it. Check out her website here!

The owner made her a special sign to go along with her display.
Her art work-The one to the left is a painting of one of my sisters and her baby.
The other is dedicated to my mom who went through breast cancer
More down the wall.

She named this one after her boyfriend 'Ray' :)
He's a muscian so it makes sense.
I think this was my favorite
My sis and boyfriend

Proud of my little sister

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