Sunday, November 27, 2011


This little girl cracks me up! She's a character or a 'ham' as Robert would call her. She's got such a funny little personality. She's not shy and she makes everyone around her laugh so hard. Avonlea loves any attention she can get!
So in her honor, I put a few some funny pictures of her on here because, well, they're just too cute not to share. Her little blonde white head and pigtails crack me up!
I loved this pic of her minus the shadow
"Pssss, come over here, I've got a little secret..."
"I'm bored..please stop it with all these pictures!"
Avonlea's face is priceless: "Ewww, whatcha talkin' about'?!
And well, she just looks funny in this one. You also can't even freakin' see the little hair she does have-it's so white-blonde!!!
Avonlea is at a funny age. I'm enjoying and soaking it all in before she grows up. :(

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