Thursday, November 3, 2011

A visit to the Amish

Once again my love and obsession for the Amish dragged me over to Amishville. Arianna was on fall break as was Kristy my best friend who is a teacher. We took advantage of their day off. We actually went to buy pumpkins...and for $.50 and $1.00 you can't beat that price. I also bought peanut brittle and red and green bellpeppers. Because the Amish don't believe in getting their pictures made, I have to sneak some...yeah of their houses, hoping they're in the background somewhere. :)
 The fact that they live without technology amazes me.
I think Arianna is becoming obsessed like her momma.
She asked a ton of questions as to why they live as they do.
All their homes are plain white with no shutters and no window covers.

Overall the day was nice and we enjoyed our time out there. I want to be like best friends with them so they'll invite me into their homes. I'll be going back in the spring I'm sure-maybe then. :) I just need to go to the same house everytime. 

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