Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7lbs of candy!

Last week was Halloween, what I refer to as a celebration of Fall. Our church puts a big Fall Festival party the day of Halloween to provide parents/children a safe environment to keep kiddos off the streets.  It is a great way to share in the "holiday" but a bit differently. Hundreds of kids come out and the church turns into a crazy chucky cheeses.
My oldest was a boring, yet beautiful princess (she wouldn't let us choose for her or dress her as we wanted) and my little one-who we can get away with anything right now because she doesn't care, went as the cutest little stinker/skunk (which we did to Arianna at about that age too). Parents, take advantage of your kids who know nothing right now. It's so fun to play with them. bwhahaha. You may remember this from last year (poor little girl, but it was hilarious!!!).

My oldest Arianna-I refered to her as a little rennaisance princess

She was so excited that I put makeup on her and made her hair into an up do.
She does make one pretty princess!
My skunk Avonlea-we told her she was a kitty and she was so excited. lol
Isn't that the cutest costume-she honestly stole the show..she was the talk of the night.
Her aunt Angela (Robs sister) and uncle Randy joined us in the fun!
As did her grandparents
Family picture moment!

Of course it wouldn't be a party without the jumpy's and slides
The amount of candy the church had was ridiculous!
7lbs of candy later, we left. Overall we had a ton of fun and the girls had way too much fun! I love that our church is able to do this every year. I'm already thinking ahead of what I could dress Avonlea as next year because it'll be the last year I'll be able to dress her as I want without her saying she wants to be a princess (nothing wrong with being a princess...just a bit boring since every girl is a princess). 

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