Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Avonlea turned the big numero UNO!

It's hard to believe that my baby (no longer baby) turned 1 on July 29th. It honestly feels like I was just pregnant and that I just had her. Time has seriously flown by! She's the cutest baby EVA! Of course any mother would say that about their own child, even though there are people out there who might (lets hope not) think my child is ugly.

Here are some of the things she's doing: taking steps (not quite walking on her own yet), she's a fast crawler, blabbers non-stop, points when wanting something, eats so much (I love this about her because Arianna is extremely picky), says uh oh, ma-ma, da-da, claps, sleeps close to 12 hours straight, drinks 4 6oz bottles of formula a day, eats 2 non formula meals, and holds her own bottle. Oh and she's starting to love books.
Any ways, her birthday party was this past weekend and it was fun. I decided to go with a ladybug themed party. Ladybug themed stuff is HARD to find. I went to Target, Party City, a local party store and Wal-mart and none of them had anything ladybugish. I finally decided to go to the flea market to try and find some things there, since Kristy, a long time friend, goes all the time and buys her party stuff there. Well, I found them there and O.M.G! They have lots of party stuff and for CHEAPO! I bought 5 packets-10 each of ladybug plates for 75 cents a piece along with ladybug napkins. I was so excited. I highly recommend the flea market for anything party.

I decorated the table with ladybug colors by placing black and red party streamers, black and red balloons and a red table cloth. I placed a newborn picture of Avonlea on the table along with a 12 month photo of her dressed in her birthday ladybug clothing.
The party was fun. I had 2 ballpits, a bouncer, a piñata (which us hispanics have to have!), and several outside games that no one used (no one even stepped unto my deck b/c it was so freakin' hot outside). We had a total of 41 people in my house. Which is a lot for my not so open floor plan house. 15 people didn't show. I couldn't imagine 15 more people in my house.
Here are some pictures. Enjoy!
Here's the before picture of the pails I bought at the dollar store
After I added the black polka dots-aren't they so cute!
Getting ready to hit the piñata!
The cake table. I added Avonlea's infant and 12month pictures. My sister made the cupcakes. Notice the cupcakes shaped into a ladybug?!
Here she is wondering what the heck she has in front of her-her very own little ladybug cake It's on now! Oh yes! yummy! Can we say sugar coma possibly?
After the fact! Poor girl. She got a bath right away!

Both families pictured above after her bath...The Ruiz familia and the Eddy clan.

We had a great time and I'm sure she won't ever remember this birthday, however I will never forget it. Happy Birthday Avonlea! We love you so much!

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