Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute little sayings

My oldest child, Arianna who is 3 years old is one of the funniest little people I know. She's cute and she makes me laugh so hard sometimes. This is such a fun age...really! So I thought I'd share some of her little sayings:

Me: Arianna, please put that napkin on the table and not the floor.
Arianna: Why?
Me: Because the floor is not clean.
Arianna: well CLEAN IT!
(on this one I had to turn around and laugh but get on her case because she does not speak to mommy in that tone. I have to add she waved her hands dramatically and yelled when she told me to clean the floor.)

Arianna: Are we going to church?
Daddy: No, we are going to church tomorrow.
Arianna: But I'm wearing a dress....

Arianna: A rat looks like an ugly mouse. Our mouses are beautiful, but they got hurt and needed a doctor.

Arianna: the spider was beautiful. I didn't like the legs though.

Me: Just eat 5 bites and you can get up
Arianna: How about 3?
Me: No, you eat 5 and your done.
Arianna: okay 4 then.
The little booger is a negotiator too.

Joyce (Grandma): Arianna becareful when I open this door.
Arianna: Grandma, you're going to kill me!

There's just so many more too and I wish I could remember them all, but I had to share some of these because she's a hot mess! :) I love my little bug and couldn't imagine my life without her.

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