Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Expensive Wish List

I thought I'd share some of the things/items I'm really wanting right now but can't have because they're so DANG expensive. We have to be cheap these days because we have only one income coming in. Any ways, I have an extensive wish list, however I'm only going to share a few of the things I want at the moment.

Outside Lanterns-Pottery Barn
I'm looking everywhere but potterybarn, hoping I can find them elsewhere for way cheaper. They range from $50 to 100 a piece. Aren't they beautiful though?!
The Cricut Machine
I have so many freakin' ideas! I'm using a friend for a special project I'm working on at the moment. So excited about it!
My own laptop
My own so I can do whatever I wish to with it (yep upside-down children peeps). We have a laptop, but Robert pretty much claims it. I haven't bought one because at the moment it's not a need, but a want. I use my work laptop that I take everywhere, but have to becareful with because of strict stupid policies.

A Vintage Bicycle
I want to go on bicycle trips up and down my road or neighboring neighborhoods imagining myself in Europe or something. :) In all seriousness...a way to get me out for an enjoyable workout.

A Nikon Digital Camera
This way I can take my very own professional pictures of my girls, family and friends rather than pay lots of $$$ to have someone else do it.
Patio Furniture
I've been wanting this forever!! Iron patio furniture. However...can't afford $1,000 right now. I want a six seater (i know this is 8 and not 6). I want a gorgeous backyard and have people over for back yard parties.
Deck seating-Iron
I want to come out in the mornings or late evenings and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and have great night conversations.

So my friends...if you find any of these items for cheap cheap..please let me know. I'm looking really hard EVERYWHERE. Just haven't found it.

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