Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some of the Greatest Feelings in the world...

Some of the best and greatest feelings in the world (and in my opinon) are those that you feel so good about and just give you a sense of happiness, accomplishment, and a feeling of high, etc. I've decided to list some in no particular order just because....
1. Knowing that you are not alone in this world (God takes care of me and my family and friends love me!).
2. Having a clean house. I'm sorry people, but when someone can knock on the door unexpectedly and you can simply invite them in without having to be embarrassed of what your house looks like, this to me is the best feeling
3. Putting on your pjs or sweats or whatever makes you sit back and relax-after a hard long day, this is very much needed
4. When you know you look good and someone actually points it out :) or compliments period.
5. When you've worked so hard at something (party planning, cooking, baking, cleaning, working your butt off, etc...) and someone actually appreciates you for it.
6. A hug and kiss from your spouse and/or child
7. Knowing my children are healthy and alive on a daily basis
8. Finishing something you thought you couldn't do (example for me: a marathon)
9. Starbucks! OR A good margarita or Amaretto sour-yes, sometimes after a stressful day I have to say it feels dang good!
10. The feeling that you know everything is going to be okay and nothing can touch you.
11. Making people you love laugh, smile and happy.
12. Being able to bless people who need help in some way or another
13. Friends who appreciate you and make the effort to hang out
14. Laughing until your stomach hurts
15. Being debt free
16. Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. Crawling into bed and snuggling
18. A handwritten letter, receiving cards in the mail, or just getting a special text or email from a special person in your life.
19. When people around you actually meet your expectations or plainly listen to you when you know you are right.
20. Having to pee or poop so bad and finally getting to a toilet..hahaha

Those are just some of the many most awesome feelings in the world (to me). There are so many more that the list can go on, but i'll stop so as not to bore you any longer. What are yours?

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