Sunday, May 6, 2012

One shower after another

People I've been hiatus! So sorry....I've been too busy to sit down and focus on a blog. I doubt I was missed. :)
Here's what I've been up planning!!! I mean seriously. I feel as though all I do is showers lately (only 2 really, but it seems like a lot). I've got too many people around me who are pregnant. Don't take me wrong...I've enjoyed doing it and can't wait to do more in the future. So here are a few pics....
Momma to be Emily. Little baby Olivia will be making her debut any day now.  
The Table-I decided to go with fun bright girlie spring colors

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Drink Table
My sister-in-law Angela pregnant with Owen Patrick
 Angela is big into vintage...So I decided to throw her a vintage feel shower. I have to be honest and real here, but I was so proud of this shower that I pinned it unto pinterest. Am I wrong in doing so? I worked soooo hard on this one and did it all by myself minus the food. All I did was the chocolate covered popcorn and pretzels...aside from that, food was taken care of Angela's best friend, my mother-in-law and her mother-in-law. I did all the planning and decor. I asked my husband if that was going too far (pinning pics on pinterest) because I'm actually a bit embarrassed that I pinned my own pictures. Whatever! I did it! So here it is.....

Isn't the popcorn colored layers so cute?!! Proud of that too. Lol
Sign in table
Drink Table-You can't really tell here, but the paper hanging
is chalk board scrap paper. I labeled the drinks on there.
I added the window and added the pics behind it. I also took the pregnant pics myself.
So anyone want to hire me? I'm that good right?! I mean dang I've been a little Martha Stewart lately. Haha! I'm so kidding and if you know me, you know I'm being sarcastic.
Next...another friends shower on Friday! This one however due to it being last minute, will not be an actual shower...more like a friends get together and eat dinner at a place kind of get together. All I have to do is make some kind of dessert and perhaps decorate a small table.

Following'll be three weddings!!! We've got a busy few months ahead.

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