Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pre-K graduation...omg!

My child is going into Kindergarten in just a few short months ya'll!!! Seems as though she was just born the other day. My goodness! Well last week she graduated from Pre-K. It was so cute. They had a mini graduation and all. They walked in to the theme graduation song, sang some cute songs, recited a few things they learned, and had a picture slide show. Yes, I did get emotional and almost cry (okay I did) but then had to stop myself and say, "This is freakin' pre-k!!!"

Here are a few pictures of her graduation.
Mrs. Deaney-sweet lady also known as Arianna's teacher
Arianna's graduation picture
About to walk in
She's obviously the tiny one in the middle-put in between
two tall boys.
recieving her itty diploma
Sitting with her class
Our family
And one last one with her sweet teacher.

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