Friday, July 2, 2010


Maybe it's just me-I don't know, but I was completely astonished when I read the article. Shocked more like it. I receive a daily email from 'mamapedia' on motherly advise. Most of the time, I delete it, however this time the title 'Feeling Unappreciated' caught my eye and I had to see what it was about. Now don't go off thinking I'm feeling sorry for myself-I just wanted to read it.

Any ways, apparently there is a website dedicated to helping people have affairs and helping them conceal it from their spouse! Okay, first off, this is absolutely ridiculous and I had no idea sites like this even existed. Maybe this is old news and I'm just out of the loop, but REALLY? On an average Monday, 3,000 women sign up after not feeling appreciated from their husbands. The day after mother's day, no joke, 31,000 women signed up for this. Obviously these women aren't recieving the attention and they are looking for the comfort and love they aren't getting. I mean, I think at some point, or several times during my marriage I have felt like this. I would lie if I said i didn't. I'm sure other wifes or even mother's have felt like this before. The email I recieve talked about tips in how to improve your marriage before going to this stupid website. But it seriously blew my mind to know such a thing.

It saddens my heart that our world is already so corrupt and it continues to get worse. Satan is out to attack families and knows exactly what he's doing. He's tearing families apart! I will not let it happen to mine. Prayer is continuous. I love my husband and children dearly...there are times yes-honestly I feel unapreciated for the things I do and I would love to be put on a pedestal, but it's simply not going to happen ALL the time. I'm sure he feels the same way at times. We get caught up in our daily schedules that we forget at times to say, 'thank you.' God put Robert in my life and he's the one I'm going to honor. I know there are marriages that simply don't work and affairs happen on a daily basis. Life is hard and mistakes happen yes, but to have a website to help people find affairs kills me. Those people who created this business will one day stand before God. I pray that whoever reads this, will seek God's help rather than a website full of garbage!

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