Saturday, June 19, 2010

Me...a procrastinator..NO WAY!

Okay so here are a few of the things I've got to do:

Update my blog and post pictures, figure out the what's and how's of blogging (I'm amazed at what others can do. I'm so clueless), hang pictures on my walls, hang chinese lanterns in Arianna's room, hang a shelf in Avonlea's room, paint several canvas paintings for Arianna's room, girls bathroom, and 2 friends, put curtains up throughout my ENTIRE house, print pictures to put in all these frames I bought I a long time ago, take the time to make picture books for both girls, organize my entire photo file, take Arianna to her first dental appointment (she turned 3 in March for goodness sake), organize all my closets, find baskets for my cubicle organizer, go through all of the girls clothing and seperate what they fit and can't fit into, garage cleaning, paint front door, buy kitchen knobs to change out my hideous gold ones that I have, change out light fixtures by front door and dining room, buy a dining table with buffet, finish staining deck, landscape, find patio furniture, and the list goes on and on. Pretty much in a nut shell, FINISH DECORATING MY HOUSE! I have cute ideas and in my head I vision my house looking beautiful, but it's just taking forever. I've had my house now for 2 years in August and I have so much to do it stresses me out. I take pride in all my friends who are so good at getting things done. I have to say I work really well under pressure, however, it stresses me out and it's really not worth it. I've been like this my entire life and can't seem to get out of it. I remember I use to stay up until 3am finishing art work or school projects because I waited until the very last minute to start it.

So if I can make myself sit down on the computer sometime this week after work, I'll post some pics of Rob's graduation which took place May 8 (sad I know), our Lost party (May also), and our Arkansas trip. Oh and I guess I do have to update facebook as well. ughh!

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  1. hahaha yes you did stay up til 3am painting. I never understood why your mom let you stay up so late! Remember, I had a bedtime. You can get these things done, just pick 2 tasks a week and do them. Also, Mr. Mom can help too. He can let the girls play in the yard and paint the door, go through their clothes, etc. Oprah says if you write it down, you'll do it so make a list and start checking them off little by little!