Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random thoughts

So after all that happened this past weekend, it's left me thinking about a lot! Just about random thoughts that don't even have to do with the flooding. Today, after months of driving in with my hubster to work, we drove in seperately. It was actually kind of nice. After Friday, it will be the last and I will miss our drives to work together. Since I returned from maternity leave we've driven together. It has helped so much with gas!

Any ways, I decided not to listen to any music or talk shows as I usually do, but let my mind think and just prayed to My God who has gotten me through EVERYTHING in these last few months. Literally.

Shortly after having Avonlea, I was by myself 4 days and nights of the week. I'm talking all day and night until 10pm. I was home for 12 weeks from work and seriously was a full time single mommy to a brand new little person and barely 3 year old little active girl. I would take nights after being home all day or coming home from work and go to my parents or my in-laws when I just couldn't handle it. Many nights I would be alone and would find myself crying because it was so HARD and I just didn't have any time to myself. I had wished then I had friends who would reach out to help or keep me company and would think they didn't care about me. I got over that quick though, because I knew it wasn't their duty to help me, it was my responsibility, my children. I knew then that God was my deliverer and helper. God says, 'He will not put too much on us, that we can't handle'. Very true, because I obviously got through it.

Thinking back I think about how selfish my thoughts were on how I didn't even take the time to think about my husband and his hardships. Going through a new phase of life with a new child, full time work, full time school with a lot of homework and no sleep is a lot to handle at one time! I may be sharing too much (but who really is reading this any ways), but wow, I didn't even take the time to thank him and I feel like a horrible wife for not being supportive as I should have been. He too, like me went through so much-MUCH MORE. I appreciate his ambition, his endurance andcommitment, and his love for us. He's done so much!

This Saturday, I will be cheering on my husband as he walks across the stage to recieve his masters degree. My husband dedicated 2 full years of his life to work and school so he could help us financially later in life by getting a masters degree in accounting. I'm so proud of him! I know it's been hard on him to work 8 hours and then go to school another 4 hours. It was not just me, but him as well!!!! Honey if you read this, I love you so much...till death do us part.

There's so much more I could talk about and more thoughts that were going through my head, but I'll stop here. God has provided me with a great husband! He's so awesome.

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