Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Father/Daughter Dance

First father daughter dance was held a couple weekends ago. I was so excited for Arianna and hubby to go on their very first dance date together. I was especially thrilled about dressing her up and straightening her hair. She looked like a little grownup. :( Arianna was beyond herself. It was actually quite cute.

Here she is all dressed and beautiful.
"Mom, enough with the pictures!"
Avonlea felt she had to be a part of her 'getting ready'.
Is this not adorable?!
In just a couple years he'll be taking both, not just one.
One last one!
I had to get one of us.
Gettin' down with it!
She participated in limbo
Eating's all they had their. They put all these little girls on a sugar high.
She received a coursage and tiara.
She asked for a picture with Zane (we're dog sitting).
Robert said she had a fun night and wasn't 'that' shy at all. He mentioned that when they walked in they introduced them as King Robert and Princess Arianna. Arianna really enjoyed herself and dressing up. :)

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