Friday, February 10, 2012

Casa Eddy xmas decor-Pic dump!

Okay peeps, I know, I know...sad right?! I understand Christmas is long behind us and V-day is freakin' Tuesday! And OMG its almost March! But look...I thought I'd get this out now and just throw up some pictures. This has seriously been a draft forever!

This year we tried to decorate our house a little more than we did last year. Here are a few pictures of our house decorated. I'd love to go into full detail but I know you guys don't care so here it goes.....

When you walk into our foyer you got to see this cute
little decor..simple.
Our first Christmas ornaments over 8 years ago!
We were students at MTSU so we went with their colors...lame 
probably but whatev!  
My girls Christmas tree. I'm not a fan of
colored lights but for my girls why not!
Our formal tree-golds/browns/lime green
Proud of the top...Robert made the bow :)
Our fireplace with our Christmas cards
Centerpiece with ornaments

Kitchen table decor
tad bits here and there

The lights outside looked so good. We had them
along driveway but a stupid animal bit through
the cord 3xs. No joke...Robert fixed it 2xs and
decided he didn't want to deal with it anymore.

Decorating was fun and I hope to go a bit further each year. Maybe next year we'll put wreaths on the windows and we'll have more lights inside and out! So for now...until next Christmas!!!

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