Monday, October 17, 2011

Living Room Makeover

For as long as I remember, actually for 8 years now (since I got married and became a homeowner), I've had the same colors in my living room. Reds and maroons. I got sick and tired of them. Almost too dark and winterish. It.was.time.for.a.change.
You may remember this blog...well with my bff's help (thanks by the way!) we made it happen...all under $100. You know, since I don't work anymore. I needed color in my life in a cheap way! I have nothing against reds, but no mas en mi casa! Too Kirklandish. I love the store but have you ever walked in and felt as though you threw up dark reds and oranges? Yeah, you know I'm so right! Well, I wanted to move away from that and I decided to use my favorite colors. Our living room needed a major change and change is good. My living room was depressed.

So, here are the before and the afters....
Notice...the reds
Plain walls
and windows with no curtains...too simple.
Red shag carpet, red pillows, red paintings, red stuff on the fireplace
So from that above to this......Bringing life and color to a boring room
So fresh, crisp, and clean huh?! so pretty and feels a little more open.

Notice I added the two iron gate looking things to replace the mirror above fireplace (used to be on floor), I changed the candles to a light blue color. I love my fireplace now. Also notice I added decorative blue and green balls to our coffee table. :)
I replaced the old europe scene oil paintings to fabric art. The most awesome and creative idea I came across on pinterest. I had never heard of such a cheap way of doing art. This fabric was on sale at Joann's fabric store.

Changed pillows from solid reds to blue designer pillows.

Took out red shaggy carpet to open the room a little more.
Added family pictures...
The other side of the room. I took the mirror that was above fireplace to this wall.
It's still a little plain, but better than nothing.

 And one more look at the main area of our living room.
So thats my new living room. Watcha think? Pretty good for only changing a few things like the fabric art, buying blue candles, putting the curtains and holders, changing the pillows, etc... all for under $100. Colors make such a difference and I'm so happy with the turnout! 


  1. That is a kazillion times better!!!

  2. your fabric pictures idea did not come from pintrest but from your amazing husband who saw it on PBS...