Sunday, April 10, 2011

Score!! A REAL steal!

For a while now, Robert and I have been doing some research on playground sets. Both our girls are at the perfect age to be playing on them. However, I was a bit bummed when I found out how much these things cost and how long it would take us to save. The ones I was looking at were above $1,000. Even the cheapest ones that were simple were above $700. I've even looked on craigslist and the ones I saw were not worth looking at. Well we got lucky!!!! I found this set for $250!!!!!!! Yes, you read right...$250! And the wasn't even for sale!!! Isn't it nice?! It's got 3 swings, a rock climbing wall, monkey bars, a tire swing, climbing ladder, and swing. This exact one at Lowe's is $1500 and we got it for $250. We were definitely blessed because like I mentioned it wasn't even for sale. So to make a long story short, a neighbor is selling her house and put a 'house for sale' sign on this playset, which faces the main road. I saw it and had only read 'for sale'. I quickly stopped and asked her how much she was selling the playground for to which she answers, 'it's not for sale, the house is'. I was so embarrassed and appologized and turned around to leave. She then asked if I was interested, I said yes (why would I have asked if I wasn't interested?!) and she said come back later. I go back later with Robert and they offer $300 and I then asked for $250. I would have bought it for $300 of course, but well it never hurts to ask for lower. The girls absolutely love it and we're so happy to see them happy. It's part of their birthday presents. Actually grampa and grandma Eddy decided to go into getting this for them as well.
The girls enjoying their new toy!
My sister brought my nephews over to break it in. They loved it as did Avonlea while she ate. She wouldn't let go of that slice of pizza. Look who came to play with the girls for a little while....Kristy!

We're so excited about our 'cheap yet really nice' wooden playground and the joy it brought and will continue bringing the girls.


  1. That's a WONDERFUL deal!! Go Esther!!

  2. Wow, who'd have thought! Way to go on your not for sale deal!