Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Betty Crocker

Robert's been gone for 2 weeks (with the exception of seeing him for less than a full day last weekend) and is finally home for a while. Meaning no traveling outside the state for a while. He'll be working ridiculous hours, but at least he'll be coming home at nights. I have to admit it was wierd not having him next to me in bed to keep me company. I like knowing he's right there. Not having him at home was lonely.

Well not only did I miss him, but Arianna really really missed him. She is a big daddy's girl. Really! She would ask about him every. single. day. So Thursday night came and as usual she'd ask and I'd say the same thing, but this time I told her the word 'tomorrow'. This excited her and she told me she wanted to do something for him. I suggested brownies since we all know Robert loves brownies. She was ecstatic and wanted to do most of the baking by herself because she's a big girl now she says.

Washing hands is very important. I teach Arianna that anytime we do anything in the kitchen we are required to wash our hands. We decided to make betty crocker's hershey's triple chunk brownies (so one thing about me is that I do most everything out of a box-nothing from scratch-sad I know).
Arianna was so excited! Isn't she so big? We decided to make cupcake brownies rather than the regular pan brownies. Here she is putting in the little baking paper cups. She's so focused! And look at her. She was thrilled with the help she was able to contribute. She loves helping her mommy.
Daddy of course enjoyed the brownies and was excited to be home Friday night. He thanked his baby girl for the delicious treats. We're happy to have him back.

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