Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking it back to the 80's!

My hubster turned 30 today!!! Happy birthday love.
He's no longer a 20's kid, but an adult now! Hard to believe that I've known him for 11 years now.
This past year has proven to be quite challenging and stressful for him. I'm so proud of him for all he's accomplished and God has truly blessed him/us. 2010 is a year he'll never forget (also his last year in the 20's). He received his Masters degree in Accounting, passed each of the 4 parts of the CPA all in the first try, and has a real accounting job now as an auditor for Crosslin & Assoc. In his words, "My life is just now beginning. It's been fun, but it's just now starting."

So for his 30th, I decided it would be nice to get all his close friends and family together for a big 80's celebration. Robert was born in 1981 (**me too**) and so I decided it would be fun to go back to that decade.
We had so much fun. Really. I decided to put balloons everwhere (floor and ceiling-old school, think proms back in the day). I picked tableclothes that were colorful and on the center of each table I put a rubix cube, casset tapes, simon says and pictures of Robert. I also put a whole bunch of pictures of him throughout the room from the time he was born until about 9ish years old.

Here we are back to the 80's. Robert went as Marty Mcfly (from back to the future) and I went as an 80's punk rockster type...whatever you want to call me. I put on the scrunchie, hot pink eye makeup and leg warmers.

Instead of the typical cake, I decided to do his favorite dessert-Brownies and ice cream. I had a friend sketch pac man on the brownies.

Here's the room prior to everyone arriving.

To make it seem 80's, I had Robert's dad (without Robert knowing) bring out the nintendo and atari. It was a hit!
The guys playing pool...check it out..they dressed! I was so happy people dressed.

We had 80's karoke!!

Foosball table!
Lots of great people to make this party the best eva!

And last but not least...we took it back to the 80's by dressing up. It was probably the hot topic of the night and the most funny. Check everyone out. I think they all did such a great job.

My friend Emily sporting out her hightops (notice the bow).

Nick and Kacey

Robert's sister Angela and Randy
Damaris and her friend Alma


My beautiful 80's sisters...1981, 82, 83 and 87.

Jaime and Eunice

I think Noemi's outfit cracked me up the most...especially when my mother-in-law said she used to wear this kind of stuff. Too funny! She came in 3rd place (we had a fashion show too!)Brandon and June came in 2nd.

Gina, rockin the sporty look.
Heather and PhillipToyo came as Urkel (He did great!-3rd place)

Ryan and Emily as 80's teenagers (Honorable mention)

Rocker couple who won first place-Mike and Annette

I think overall the party went really well, from the fashion show to karoke to video games. Robert really enjoyed it and that's what mattered most of all. It was a fun night and lots
of great memories. Happy 30th Birthday....I'm ready to see how this first year for you in the 30's will play out. :)

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