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2010-An unforgetable year!

2010 was a busy year to say the least for our family. I know we're already 1/2 way through January, but I thought I'd post a review from last year. It was fun yet emotional. I will never forget it this past year.

*My first born, very smart, remembers things I have forgotten, funny, wants to know it all Arianna turned 3 in March! She had a princess themed birthday party with princess doll cakes. I'm not kidding when I say this, but she's got her birthday's planned for the next two years. Just ask her.
(Kristy, I'm making one of these princess dolls for your 30th birthday! HA!)
*Call me crazy, but I ran the Nashville Music City 1/2 Marathon. What an awsome experience. I would do it all over again. I had never ran in my life prior to this. I had to really committ myself and continually tell myself, "I can do this!" I was not going to give up! I had to train 3-5 times a week with Saturday's or Sunday's being my long mile runs. I literally ran the entire race the day off praying and repeating in my head, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." When I finished I couldn't help but get emotional. I was so happy! I felt like I had accomplished so much. Crossing that finish line was such an ordeal for me.

Here I am with friends (Emily and Ryan) and family (Angela and Randy) who also ran the race. A lot of my training was done with Emily and I totally appreciated her encouragment. Thanks!

*Who can forget the 2010 Flood?! Many homes were flooded, causing families to become homeless for a short while. The water was practically in our backyard (notice the corner)! Yikes! We have a small creek, dry most of the time, that runs along those back trees. This is what it became...a lake! We had water front property.

*The Eddy Family goes on vacation to Arkansas. Yep you read right. NEVER AGAIN! Meaning vacationing in the state Arkansas. The location was chosen because it was less than a 5 hour drive for the family and we were able to find a place to fit 15 people. I had fun with the family, but Arkansas was just boring! All we did was swim and canoed. We didn't know what to do or where to go. Every town around us had nothing. Not my kind of vacation. Oh and my daughters got really sick causing one of the families to leave a day early. :(

*Robert graduated with a Masters degree in Accounting!!! I was such a proud wife. After two years of working and going to school at nights, I know he was relieved it was over. I sure was! Sorry, no pics on this computer to show him off in his robe.

*Awwh, My American Idol Experince. Auditions came to Nashville, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Yep I was one of those! I can't say I regret spending 13 hours of my day doing this because I know for a fact that if I hadn't gone, I would have thought, 'what if?' This was my last year to give this a try. I'll be too old next time around. Well, unfortunately, I didn't make it through. Out of thousands that were there, I maybe saw 100 tickets given away. I'm ready to start watching this seasons American Idol just to see if I see any of these peeps or myself in the crowd. Ha! Oh and you wouldn't think it by looking, but the blonde kid had a voice!!!! This was literally his 4th time trying out too, however he's got a lot of time. he's only 17. I hope to see him.

*My baby, not so baby anymore Avonlea turned 1! She's a hot mess! Avonlea makes me laugh so hard. She's so funny and she's at that age where I wish she would stay her size. She's big enough to walk, yet small enough that I can still hold her and pretend she's a baby. Here she is getting into her very first cake ever!

She was truly enjoying it!

*Dave Ramsey's 13 week Financial Peace University Class led by Ryan and Emily. We decided it was time for us to keep track of our financial spendings and be debt free. Yep it takes sacrifices, but what a feeling. We were already somewhat good at it, but wanted to get better and start living a life like no one else. What a fun and encouraging class it was. I would encourage everyone to take this if you want to get out of debt and live at peace. We're done with credit card debt! Yay! Now we're tackling student loans. The opportunties for me being a stay at home mommy are right around the corner! Yay!
*DC trip! This was so fun. What drove us to go, was Glenbecks "Restoring Hope" rally. He listens to him ALL the time. We made it a long weekend and went without the girls. We had so much fun yet didn't see everything. I got to see some friends from the area and do what tourists do best! We can't wait to go again in September.

Here we are at the mall in front of the capitol. What a fun place to be!

*My 10 year high school reunion! I was not going to let anyone stop me from going. I had been looking forward to this day forever. I seriously had so much fun catching up with everyone. That's all it was about, not because I cared about them or even liked them back then, but it was fun seeing the people I went to High School with. I had so much fun knowing what everyone was up to, what they looked like, and where they were in life. I will most definitely go to our 20th.

Here we are all prettied up! Seeing one of my crushes! I really thought he was so cute back in the day. He was a soccer player and well I looked forward to being in any of his classes. Sadly, he never liked me. Yep, I'm sure I talked Kristy's head off as she too liked his Australian buddy Tyson. :) Reconnecting with friends was the best part of the night! We shared so many funny memories of teachers and people and some bad highschool memories too.
*Robert gets a job as an Auditor for Crosslin & Associates. After his contract expired with Rural Development back in May when he graduated, he didn't have a job. He took the summer to study for 3 parts of his CPA. Looking back now, I'm so grateful he did this. It would have been really tough for him to work the hours he does now and study at the same time.
*My sister Noemi announced she was pregnant for the 3rd time. We're all crossing our fingers hoping it's a girl.
*Several friends (3 to be exact) have babies all within a day of each other!!! Laura had Grayson, Amanda had Emelia, and Kim had Sloan.
*One of my closest friends-Renee announces she's pregnant with her first! yay!

*Once Robert got his job, it was time for girls to go into daycare. This was very hard on me. REALLY! I did a ton of research, toured many area daycares and finally found one that was reasonably priced. Because I want to be home with them so badly, leaving them in Daycare from 7am-5:30pm was so hard for me. My mom used to do it but because of her health conditions, was unable to. 10 hours in a daycare with other people is a long day! I miss them.

1st week of school

*Mom turns 50! My wonderful mom deserved a BIG party. So us girls planned a nice birthday surprise for her. She enjoyed every minute of it. We even did a slide show of her from when she was little until now. It was hard trying to sneak these pictures from her house without her knowing. We did a fall theme since her favorite season is fall too. We invited all her close friends and had a big dinner feast for her. It was awesome.
*Susan Komen's 5k race for the cure. This was something I participated in just to honor my moms victory of breast cancer. This meant a lot to me and I will be running it again. This year my goal is to have her do it with me.

*Mercy Ministries 5k race. Another wonderful experience with meaning behind it! Not only is Mercy Ministries a great organization to help young women with dibilitating circumstances, but I ran with friends, and my dear husband.

*My birthday-29! Yikes, I'm almost 30. My birthday weekend was great! I seriously did something every night! It was so much fun. Friday night I celebrated at yummy Chuey's with these wonderful girlfriends.

and with some of their spousesMy cutie husband all professional! Saturday morning I got up and met Kristy at our usual spot-Starbucks! Great conversation as usual and guess friend here hates whip cream, but for my birthday she asked for it! We then went ice skating! It had been forever!!! But I actually picked it up pretty fast. I never fell. And then following that, got together that night to eat and play a scavenger hunt which was OMG fun!! I felt like a little kid running around.
Here I am. Yes. In a bath tub with 3 pretty awesome guys.
They proposed at Kroger! And finally we ended my birthday night doing an indian dance at the Shell station. Oh and one last thing, Robert surprised me with tickets to the Christmas Spectacular-The Rocketts. Tickets were for December 3rd, but we celebrated my birthday that night anyways by not only going to the show, but going out to a nice dinner and then going to the Flying Saucer to meet with some friends. It was a fun night. *My made my very first turkey ever!!! I was literally stressed out. It turned out delicious though (even though the picture doesn't show it) and very juicy.
*My mom was once again diagnosed with Breast Cancer right before Christmas. When she found the lump, we all feared but knew God was in total control. Results came back and she again had stage 2 cancer. She's fighting the hard battle!
*Robert passed the last portion of his CPA!!! He's now a certified public accountant. He passed all 4 parts of the test the first time around. I'm so proud of him and all the time he put into studying. This was a huge deal! HUGE! Great Christmas present without a doubt. God truly blessed him.
*Christmas was wonderful with both sides of the family. For pictures scroll down a couple blogs and you'll see them there.
*Celebrated New Years eve with great friends!
Guys did their own thing as you can see.

Here is the hubs and me ending the new year! Happy New Years!

Overall 2010 was a great year. It was filled with happiness and sadness that have helped us move forward. God bless you in this new year. Looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring.

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