Sunday, April 18, 2010

New to this blog thing

So my oldest friend in the world ;) Kristy has insisted I start a blog off my own. Her words, "everyone's doin' it, so should you". So here I am! She actually started it for me...2 hours to be exact of her time went into creating my blog layout and stuff (not sure what stuff consists off). I'm definitely appreciative because I just learned the importance of couponing and well, all those ladies have BLOGS! I want to read them now to see how I too can save money on groceries. So this is how all this came to be...I talked to Kristy and ta da...she made it happen. Thanks PW, you've now added additional things to my 'to do' list. :) This is great actually. I'll be able to freely express my thoughts and let others keep up with my life. I wonder whether this will be addictive or if I'll take this with an attitude of 'ahh, I'll come to it later'. But in all stay in tune...I do plan on posting pictures and stories in the next few days. Thanks chica! Because of you, I'm now, or hope to be, a blogger like everyone else. :)